Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EQE Appeals

The deadline for filing an appeal against your EQE 2009 decision is approaching
(decision date + 10days + 1 month)

If you are thinking about it, consider the following:
  • All grounds have to be filed within the same period (REE Art.24)
  • It may take 1.5 years before you get a decision (so you will have to do the exam next year anyway)
  • The chances of winning are tiny
There are two reasons to file an appeal:
  • The exam committee clearly made a mistake
    E.g., they didn't mark a page of your answer, you got 0 points even though you have the same answer as the compendium
  • You are very angry, and want to tell the examination board what you think
    This may help you to get past your disappointment
For most people, I recommend putting all that energy into analysing the differences between the compendium and your answer, and practicing past papers.

If you want to see how we can help, click on the link "Training for EQE" on the left.

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