Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updated info about the EQE 2010

The EQE Board appears to be updating all the old notices regarding the exam. Usually the secretariat send this in an e-mail, but just in case you don't get it, you can find the updated instructions regarding the conduct of the EQE here

Differences I have noticed with the previous version (from Dec 2008 - see here):

- (15) electronic devices are limited to an analogue wrist watch (so presumably not one with a digital display)
- (2b& 9 & 15c) strict instructions about only being able to hand in an answer on EQE paper (except the C opposition paper). It is a regular comment that pre-prepared materials are not accepted)
- most notably, the list of advised books to bring has been deleted. The only guidance is the very broad syllabus found in Art. 13 of the REE)
- (7) instructions not to write your name or initials anywhere in your answer (to preserve anonymity)
- (15d) not stapling or pasting pages together (the answers have to be copied)
- (17) leave the hall after handing in question paper and answer (presumably this is also if you have to got to the bathroom)

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