Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't be surprised at EQE 2013 (part 2) - D paper

In the first post, I indicated a lot of references.

To save reading (you have a lot better things to do ;-), I will summarise the main points for the D paper:

  • A single 5 hour paper - the DI and DII parts will be indicated clearly
  • The number of points for each part (DI/DII) will be given, and it will be approximately 40 for DI and 60 for DII
  • Same points split as as before, except that for timing purpose, you have about 3 minutes per point if you wish to complete the whole paper. This translates to about 2 hours for the DI part and about 3 hours for the DII part

  • In the DI part, you will get a number of separate legal questions for which you must cite legal basis. The number of points per question will be given. 

  • In the DII part, you will get a letter from a client, and you will have to give legal advice. The number of points per question will NOT be given.

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