Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pre-Exam 2018 - congratulations to those with ambiguous answers

Several candidates who appealed their Pre-Exam 2018 failing grade of less than 70 have been successful. After taking the arguments provided in appeal into account, three more answers in the Pre-Exam Examiners' Report have been amended. See here for a track changes version (at the top of my Study Materials page).

Legal Questions:
4.4 True or False
5.3 True or False

Claims Analysis:
13.1 True or False

This is in addition to 12.2 and 12.4 which were already considered ambiguous at the time of marking.

Congratulations to those who have now passed - you have the weekend to celebrate. But not too long 😉- you need to enrol for the Main Exam between 9 July and 3 September for the Main Exam. And to make a study plan 😱.
A big thanks also to the Examination Board for objectively considering the arguments from those appealing.


  1. If you win the appeal, you also get your appeal fee back. So it was worth the gamble for all those appealing.
    What about those who didn't appeal but may have failed based on those questions - are those decisions revised as well? BILLY BOB

  2. Billy Bob, I just called EPO, the ES, and they said that the result for the people who failed based on the three post-appeal corrected questions (4.4, 5.3, 13.1) will be corrected to PASS. Congrats and thanks again for the team efforts of the people of who appealed and made it happen!

  3. what about candidates who passed but did not get these 3 marks? Will a revised score be circulated? Since the EQE revels in its statistics, it would be good to ensure they are correct!

  4. Are there other questions that are still in the Appeal process. Surely there are a few more ambiguous questions like 14.3 and 18.4. Any chance of these being overturned.

    How do we know when the EPO has re-issue their letters.