Sunday, October 6, 2019

Stand-alone book version of EPC.App available through Amazon

The IP.appify platform allows you to fine tune and build your own legal reference for both EPC and PCT, that will never be outdated.
As an alternative to working on-line, the EPC part is also available as a stand-alone book with basic author's comments (and cross-references) on Amazon (.de or .com or
UPDATE: Nov 2019 version now available in English or German at Amazon UK or Amazon DE

This basic version already includes enough comments and references to answer most of the questions at the EQE if you have studied, and are familiar enough with the law to be able to find relevant articles and rules. See my review of last year's edition, which I used to answer the EQE 2019 D paper. It should preferably be further annotated during study before the exam.

This does not include PCT.
UPDATE: PCT is now available both on-line and as a stand-alone book. The PCT book is more extensively annotated, with more explanations than the EPC book. It is intended as a book for daily practice, or for studying in preparation for the EQE. It is also suitable for using at the EQE as the logical structure allows the relevant parts of the law to be found quickly.

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