Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bookmark this great reference version of the EPC

It has been a while since I looked at the EPO's html version of the EPC.
Today I noticed a couple of features which are useful for daily practice:
  1. A hyperlinked EPC2000 => EPC1973 cross-reference table. For example, for the Rules
  2. For each article and rule, an overview of recent changes to that provision, and hyperlinks to the apropriate decision of the Administrative Council. For example, R.71
Unfortunately, you cannot use this on the EQE, but it may help when studying.


  1. As you told above that , you cannot use this on the EQE but can you please also tell that if their is any similar alternate as features are really very appealing.

  2. The paper versions that come the closest are:

    German = EPÜ-Direkt by Patrick X. Gautschi (
    English = References to the EPC by Jelle Hoekstra (

    The Gautschi book integrates a lot of different resources, such as those from the Official Journal.
    The Hoekstra book mainly includes sections from the EPO Guidelines