Monday, May 3, 2010

New: Basic IP Courses

Two new courses - these are not EQE courses, but beginners courses, found here. For these courses, I tried to include a lot of the things that I wish I has learned when I started out.They will be offer back-to-back in the same week as the first is the ideal preparation for the second.

The first is an Introduction to Patents, aimed at anyone who wants or needs to know about patents. This could be trainee patent attorneys, but also any one who needs to review a patent or judge their quality, such as inventors, IP coordinators or IP managers. Practical exercises are used to explain claiming.

The second is Claim Drafting in Electricity/Mechanics, aimed at trainee patent attorneys who want a quick way to become competent at drafting. With the necessary theoretical background and practical drafting exercises, the procedure from invention to patent application is illustrated and practiced.

New: Winning Oppositions and Appeals course

Another new course, for practicing patent attorneys and IP lawyers who want to go beyond the "EQE-level" of knowledge to get more confidence when dealing with these cases. Although in-depth legal knowledge of novelty and inventive step, practicals aspects are also dealt with such as auxiliary requests, oral proceedings, anticipating the next procedural stage.A lot of the contents is based upon my own experience, and this is a course I would have like to have followed myself a few years ago.

It is part of our Continuous Education For Patent Attorneys program, found here, which provides training and seminars in subjects important in daily life, and given from the patent attorney point-of-view, not the EPO point-of-view.

New: Distance Learning for legal part of paper D

Our distance learning package for the paper D legal part is now available here for EQE 2011.
This unique course concept allows you to study the EPC/PCT whenever and wherever you want, but with the security and guidance of individual feedback, and a steady study and homework schedule to get you through the material. We already have a couple of people doing this, so I defined a package for it.

This legal training is the perfect preparation before participating in our Correction Papers program, which can also be done at distance.