Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Suggested list of books & things to take to the Main & Pre-Exam - EQE 2018

- Check the exam times and plan to arrive early
- Since EQE2017, an additional 30 minutes has been given for papers A, B, C and D (REE OJ 2017 SE2 - page 43) to help candidates who do not have English, French or German as their mother language. The papers are designed to be made in the official REE duration (e.g. 5 hours for C and D) but an extra 30 minutes is given to make it at the exam (e.g. 5.5 hours for C and D).
- Read through the rules regarding the conduct of the exam (REE OJ 2017 SE2 - page 27-29). See the warning here about possible problems.
- See here what candidates from last year said about the location where you are taking the exam
- Be well rested in the days before the exam - many D candidates sleep badly on Monday night
- Take a suitcase with wheels, and limit the books to ones you have used in the last 6 months of your preparation
- After doing the papers of 2017, look at the Tutors' Report to help with interpreting the EQE Compendium (epi information 4/17 - pages 20-29)
- For the A & B papers, don't forget to do the Mock A (Examiners' Report) and Mock B (Examiners' Report) for additional practice. There is also a video explaining the philosophy behind the combined technology papers which were given for the first time at EQE 2017.
- If necessary, look here for some tips for reducing anxiety at the exam
- Be prepared to do the exams with a relatively small (possible as small as 60cm x 90cm) space. Normally, you can place books you don't need under the table.
- Look through the EQE Study Guide for other tips

- Photo identification (passport or drivers license)
- several black or blue pens (gel-pens are preferred for quick writing, but they can run out quickly). Make sure the pens are not too thin or bring ones with different diameters - as your hand gets tired, it gets more difficult to hold a thin pen.
- no electronic devices: only a wrist watch with an analogue display (and without any additional options) is allowed on your desk during the exam.
- make arrangements to leave your phone & laptops at home or in your hotel or in a train station locker. Or take an A4 envelope with you. See the warning here about possible problems.
- correction roller
- highlighters for use when reading the exam paper (don't use blue highlighters on anything that will be handed in as it will not copy well)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

PCT References books and National Law book now available to order on paper (A5 format) - EQE 2018

For those who cannot easily print out several hundred pages, I have made my EQE 2018 books (PCT References and National Law) available to order as books.

They are available in A5 format, and are printed on thin 50grs paper.

  • A5 paper version (21 x 14cm):
Part I - General0.4cm thick88 pages (75g)
Part II - International1.7cm thick544 pages (440g)
Part III - National0.7cm thick210 pages (185g)
Please note that you need to order each part separately as they are considered separate books on the Boekbestellen website.

  • A5 paper version (21 x 14cm):
National Law & Validation1.5cm thick456 pages (375g)

The download links will remain, so you can choose what you want to do.

Most of the contents are sourced from WIPO/EPO websites and Official Journal, and no copyright is claimed for these parts. This book is provided for study and exam purposes only.

Good luck!