Thursday, January 17, 2019

The thin paper is available again

Good news - for new orders of my Study Materials, the following will be printed on thin (50g) paper:

My printable National Law Book for EQE2019

For the D paper, it is important to have up-to-date details from the tables, particularly if there is a DI question on the translation requirements after grant, for example.

Unfortunately, the printed version of the National Law book is no longer available from the EPO. The latest version from Oct 2018 (360 pages) is here and can be printed on A4 paper yourself. But, not everyone likes the horizontal tables, and the small font makes it difficult to read if printed on A5 paper.

I have produced an up-to-date printable version - downloadable from my patent firm's website - using the latest information from the EPO website which has a bigger font. Tables I and VIII are irrelevant for the EQE, so leaving them out saves 150 pages. I have added an index, page numbers and included the validation information published in the OJEPO for Morocco, Moldova, Tunisia and Cambodia.
New this year: headers on each page indicating the table shown, better formatting, additional banners to show the different sections of the tables, and a useful overview of states showing dates of accession to Paris, EPC, PCT, PCT national entry time limits, whether PCT national routes are closed and whether validation is automatic after grant. The EPO has also added a new table VI. B renewal fees after successful petition for review.

My book is 430 pages - to save paper when printing, it should be printed with 2 pages on each side of an A4.

For those who cannot easily print out several hundred pages, you can also order a copy on double-sided A5 paper.
Update (17/1/19): the thin paper is availabe for new orders. See the links on my patent firm's website.

Most of the contents are sourced from EPO websites and Official Journal, and no copyright is claimed for these parts.

Good luck at the EQE,
Pete Pollard