Monday, November 2, 2020

Don't print the WIPO Applicant's Guide for EQE - 2070 pages!

** Updated: 5 Jan 2021 - download versions available**
Every year, WIPO produces a printable version of the complete PCT Applicants Guide, including annexes for 153 States, specifically for the Pre- and Main Exams. The 31 Oct 2020 version can be found here. It is 2070 pages and much of it will never be required at the exam. Hopefully, this is the last one as we transition to an online eEQE 😌. Note - Mock1 eEQE had no digital references. There was a weblink to the EPO EQE FAQs, so technically it is possible.

For many years, I have been making a cut-down version to lighten the load and to save a few trees. Based on the syllabus, the Regulations, past papers and comments from Examination Committees, I have limited it to "only" 800 pages. There are also a lot of useful overviews from the WIPO/EPO website that they did not include, so I have added about 250 extra pages, for a net saving of 1050 pages.   
The new edition is now available as 2 books, and the links are here with my other study materials. The downloadable version was completed on 7 Jan 2021. There will be two versions of the PCT References (31 Oct 2020):
  • Order 16x23cm books (2 separate books). Printed on thin bible paper and weighing 1050g, and are usually delivered in 10-14 days.
  • Download A4 files (2 separate PDF's). Provided free of charge for own printing. Please distribute to anyone who wants to use them for any non-commercial and unmodified use.
Uniquely, for EQE 2021 Main Exam, they will accept answers based on the 31 Oct 19 editions. So, these older editions are also still available for order or for download. See this blog post for more details on which version to use. 
According to the current EQE rules, only paper references will be allowed at EQE 2021. Hopefully they will make an exception for these PCT annexes. There are still no exact detail on what the exam portal will look like, so be prepared to have everything on paper.
I have also updated the EPO as PCT Authority and National Law & Validation books to the 31 Oct 20 status.