Thursday, March 18, 2010

DII paper - EQE 2010 - possible issue

The reference to EP1 by EPKM is a problem for enablement.Withdrawing EP1 solves this, but EP1 is the first application for the signal. 

I did the exam in the office under exam conditions, and I admit I missed the complication - I read the Guidelines, and simply suggested withdrawing EP1. To get the broadest invention patented (signal), I suggested claiming priority of EP1 with EP3.
I thought of it afterwards, so I asked a couple of knowledgeable people and they didn't know for certain either.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks to patents, I work in the top Micro City in Europe !

Eindhoven scores thanks to patents
The leading British newspaper Financial Times has named Eindhoven a European City of the Future for 2010/11:
Every year, the Financial Times magazine fDI rates European cities and regions based on their respective economical achievements. After more than 6 months of researching 223 cities in Europe, Eindhoven was placed 10th in the Western European City category, and 1st in the 'Micro Cities' category for cities with less than 250.000 residents.  
Eindhoven’s performance was due to high scores for economic potential and business friendliness, based on criteria such as the number of patents, number of companies in R&D and high-tech manufacturing, employment in the knowledge-intensive sector, forecast growth rate, and innovation index.
The full article can be read here

Friday, March 12, 2010

Did any of this help ?

Please let me know if any of the posts helped you. Also if anything was wrong or misleading.
Of course, you may want to wait for the results in August ;-)

Enjoy the summer.

Opinion on DI and DII - EQE 2010

I am not involved with the Exam Committee, so I have no inside information.

I always do the D exam in the office as soon as possible after the exam, under exam conditions - books on paper, exam timing etc. This gives me a feeling for the difficulty and any unclear parts of the papers.

When the Compendium answers are published in August, I can check my attempt to see how close I would have been. I aim to do each paper in less than official time to approach the stress felt by candidates.
Click below to see my impressions - comments are welcome

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More news on the EQE pre-exam

A new version of the REE (EQE exam regulation) has appeared on the EPO website here
I have not looked into all the differences, but some form has now been given to the EQE for 2012 and beyond.