Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My FREE printable PCT Applicants Guide for EQE2019

Every year, WIPO produces a printable version of the complete Applicants Guide, including all annexes, specifically for the Pre- and Main Exams. The current version can be found here. But it is 1980 pages and much of it will never be required at the exam.

I have produced this abbreviated & improved version to lighten the load and to save a few trees. It is available for download to print yourself, or you can order an A5-sized book.
Using Regulations, past papers and comments from Examination Committees, I have limited it to adequately cover what you may need. In addition, I have added many useful overviews from the WIPO & EPO websites which can speed up answering questions during the exam.

Most of the contents are sourced from WIPO/EPO websites and Official Journal, and no copyright is claimed for these parts.

This year, the material is divided into 2 parts instead of 3 parts. A Detailed Table of Contents (with page numbers) is also included for the Applicant Guide Introductions.

My book is 900 pages and free of charge - it can be downloaded in from my patent firm's website. Feel free to pass on the links to anyone who needs them. To save paper when printing, it should be printed with 2 pages on each side of an A4.

Update: for those who cannot easily print out several hundred pages, the two parts can be ordered here in A5 format (21 x 14cm):

Add each part separately to your basket as they are considered separate books on the Boekbestellen website.

Update (17/1/19): the thin paper is available again.

Changes compared to last year:

Friday, November 23, 2018

Indexed EPO Guidelines (1 Nov 2018) now available to order

The EPO no longer makes the Guidelines available on paper. So you have to print out the 960 pages, and put it into a binder.

My version is printed on 50g A5 paper - a convenient format as a desktop reference, to take to oral proceedings, or to take to the EQE.

Update (17/1/19): the thin paper is noe available for new orders.

On paper, the Guidelines have never been easy to use. This version improves on the official version by:
- providing a single Detailed Table of Contents at the front (instead of per part), to quickly scan the paragraphs
- using page numbers
- indicating sections with a major amendment in the last 3 years

Legal citations & references are underlined, making them easier to spot.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New innovations to learn patent law

Two websites offering something new to help students - online tools that you can access anywhere at any time, so you can study when it is most convenient:

1. EPC.App
A very smart way to allow you to annotate the EPC. You can use the existing annotations and comments from the authors, adapt them as you wish and add your own. So, you can add extra comments about things you have difficulty with, or short answer templates for things asked frequently on the exam. You access your version on-line from any device, and when you are getting close to the exam, you make a pdf and print it. The law is updated twice a year, so you can keep using it after the exam as well. It also solves the problem you have updating your legal book when studying over two years (Pre-Exam then Main Exam). The standard price is comparable (in some cases cheaper) than buying a legal book each year, but they do have a Student Edition which is free for EQE candidates until 31-03-2019. It is available in English and German.

2. Practice for the EQE
Test yourself with questions about EPC & PCT. The best way to learn the law is to learn it in pieces, and to work on it frequently. This an easy-to-use platform that allows you to test your legal knowledge and keep track of your progress. The questions are asked in different ways, so you can try different styles. It is accessible on-line on any device. The instant feedback and oveviews of what you got wrong means you can concentrate on those areas the next time you go through it. They are still adding content, but there is currently no charge to use what they have.