Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our printable versions of the PCT Applicants Guide - available now for EQE2011

The Examination Board will make a printable version available in the next couple of weeks. The Dec. 2010 version will appear here on the right-hand side of the page when it is ready)

However, this document is 1700 pages with a lot of information that will never be asked on the EQE, such as details on African states. Also there are other things on the WIPO web-site which you should have with you that are not included in the 1700 pages.

As an alternative, I have captured and assembled 3 books. They are intended to be printed with 2 pages on each A4 sheet and double-sided. The specific information on states is restricted to EPC states, the largest patent offices, the 12 most popular rO's, and the 12 most popular dO's & eO's.

Updated post - 2/2/11.
Addendum to Part II (pages 5 & 6). Receiving Offices left out of part II:
- All these rO's allow filings by their residents and nationals.
- All allow the EPO to be used as ISA, except for KP, PG & ZM
- If the EPO was the ISA, then all these rO's also allow the EPO to be the IPEA
- No information at all is available for these rO's: AG, DM, GD, KM, KN, VC 

Comprising the “Guidelines” parts of the Applicants Guide.
Also comprising conversion tables for the old AG references, an introduction to PCT (including a useful guide to procedural safeguards) and the main applicant forms.

Comprising selected annexes from the PCT Applicants Guide.
Also comprising  overviews from the WIPO web-site, accession dates for Paris Convention, WTO and EPC states, WIPO/EPO agreement and information on EPO as SISA.