Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking forward to tutoring Papers A & B in Maastricht for EQE 2019

I am proud to be joining the team in Maastricht to help with their EQE Paper A B C D  and Pre-Exam Training Courses.

The team are: Cees Mulder, Nyske Blokhuis, Natasja Duhayon and Isabelle Surdej.

I am part of the AB team - together with Natasja and Isabelle, we are preparing an exam methodology and step-by-step training program to deal with the challenges of the current papers. The benchmarking I did in February under EQE conditions was ideal to draft and test a step-by-step approach, and to think about how to deal with the chemical and electro-mechanical styles & practices. I may also be helping with the C course and the Pre-Exam Claims Analysis.
The AB training consists of 3-days in Maastricht (19-21 November 2018), followed by online assignments and contact with the tutors through the university's electronic learning environment. The groups are not large, so if you are interested, make sure you sign up quickly using the form here. Maastricht is also a wonderful place to visit for a couple of days with historic buildings, friendly people, good food/beer and a lively nightlife :-)