Monday, October 19, 2009

Books to take to the EQE, especially for D (3)

Ancillary Regulations

Unfortunately, according to the EPO, this book will not be updated before EQE 2010. In my earlier post, there was a slight mistake - although you may want to consult the old book online, you will need to print it out (or order it) and update it your self to take to the exam.

The Ancillary Regulations basically comprises notices and decisions of the EPO concerning practical matters, such as electronic communication, authorisations etc.

To create an up-to-date version:

1. Therefore you need the EPC1973 version here
1. The EPC1973 version is no longer available from the EPO. A version is available here solely for education purposes.
If you are only interested in the Legal Advice section, click here.

2. You need to check in the Update of the decisions and notices of the President - Special Edition 3 here, the regulations which have been superceded (this is normally indicated in one of the first or the last paragraphs of the new regulation.

3. You then need to check in the OJEPOs of end 2007, 2008 and 2009 for notices/decisions in both the Ancillary Regulations book and the Special Edition No. 3 which have been updated. Only those notices which enter into force on or before 31 Dec 2009 need to be known for EQE 2010.

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