Friday, February 18, 2011

Information on US and JP

The REE - Art.13(2)(b) says that you need:
a general knowledge of the national laws of: the USA and Japan to the extent that they are of importance in connection with proceedings before the EPO.

This is very vague. Japan has not featured on the exam very often, but the US is on very regularly (particularly on DII)

The EQE concentrates on EP and PCT.
But, you should know about the general possibilities in the US and JP that are different from in Europe.
For the US, for example, you may need to approximately calculate the relevant 12m for the grace period.
For the details, you can then state "I will consult a US colleague about the details"

I have posted one of our training documents on the EQE forum giving brief details for the US and JP. That should be enough information for the EQE

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