Friday, July 27, 2012

EQE 2013 - the new C and D papers

Unfortunately, we do not yet know exactly what the C and D papers will look like in 2013. The Examination Board recently published more information:

- A single 5 hour exam on Thursday - see schedule 
- probably no legal questions unrelated to the rest of the opposition
- possibly less prior art / fewer claims / fewer possible attacks

- A single 5 hour exam on Tuesday - see schedule 
- with DI-style questions [roughly about 40% of marks to be done in 2 hours]
- with DII-style questions [roughly about 60% of marks to be done in 3 hours]

The best advice is to prepare to be able to do the exams of the last four years, and look through the paper before you start to determine how you are going to do it, and where you are going to spend the time. Actually, this is the same advice that I give every year because the format of these papers is always unpredictable.

The main difference in 2013 will be less time, so an appropriate strategy and good time-keeping will be essential. Good argumentation and reasoning will get you the points.

Some more details on this are available for D and for C

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