Thursday, April 18, 2013

New for EQE / EEP / EEQ 2014 - Our D Methodology course also in German or French

Following countless requests by previous participants, we are now offering the unique DeltaPatents D Methodology Course in French and German.

Whatever your knowledge level, you must optimise the points scored for the things you know and limit the damage, usually in time, due to the rest. Our approach mirrors the task on the exam for a legally well-prepared candidate - i.e. generating an answer worth at least 55 points based on questions seen for the first time.

We explain how to access your reference materials in a fast, efficient way on the exam. We discuss different approaches to dividing your time between the DI and DI parts.

For DI, we demonstrate how to read the questions, which steps to go through during analysis and what details you need to hand-in to maximise your points within the time allotted for each question. Theory and practice are mixed so that you can try out the techniques immediately.

We devote most of the time to DII because this is where the biggest problems are, and this is where an average candidate can lose up to 40 of the 60 points available. We break the DII down into manageable tasks, which you can approach in a step-by-step fashion. You will practice these steps on test cases and finally on a full DII paper.

For the re-sitters course, we apply the methodology to the D 2013 paper so that you will understand your main weaknesses, and know what to do differently at the EQE / EEP / EEQ in 2014.

The courses are offered at various locations and dates - see here

The course in German is from 4-6 November in Munich.
The course in French is in October or November (still to be decided) in Paris

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