Monday, January 13, 2014

Suggested list of books and other things to take to the Main Exam - EQE 2014 [Updated]

- Read through the rules regarding the conduct of the exam (page 41-46)
- See what candidates from last year said about the location where you are taking the exam
- Be well rested in the days before the exam - many D candidates sleep badly on the Monday night
- Take a suitcase with wheels
- After doing last years papers, look at the Tutors Report - epi infomation pages 143-152
- If necessary, look at some tips for reducing anxiety at the exam
- Be prepared to do the exams with a relatively small (possible as small as 60cm x 90cm) space. Normally, you can place books you don't need under the table.
- Look through the EQE Study Guide for other tips

- Photo identification (Passport or drivers license)
- several black or blue pens (we hear that gel-pens are preferred)
- no electronic devices: only an analogue wrist watch with no additional options is allowed.
- correction roller
- highlighters for use when reading the exam paper (don't use blue on anything that will be handed in as it will not copy well)

- for A/B papers, if you want to cut and paste parts of the exam paper into your answer: scissors and a glue stick or silent permanent glue roller
- bulldog clips to hold keep parts of the exam or your answer together (stapler can be noisy)

- Food, snacks, drinks: there is no official break in the D and C papers
- Paracetemol [acetaminophen]: to relieve pains or swollen fingers after writing for several hours

Legal: versions valid on 31 December 2013
- your favourite EPC reference book, with tabs and own notes
- National law relating to the EPC - Sept 2013
- ADA = arrangements for deposit accounts - Supplement to OJ EPO 3/2009
- Ancillary Regulations to the EPC - on paper or pdf
- Guidelines for Examination in the EPO - Sept 2013
- Headnotes to relevant G decisions (if not in your EPC reference book) - Jan 2012 version here
- EPC RFG form and notes
- Important notices from the Official Journal in 2012 & 2013

- your favourite PCT reference book, with tabs and own notes
- Printable Applicants Guide: DeltaPatents Dec 2013 (800 pages)
- PCT Request form
- Important notices from the PCT Newsletter in 2012 & 2013
- Guide for Applicants - Euro-PCT - Oct 2012
- Euro-PCT entry form and notes

-Paris Convention (Articles 1 - 5quater and Article 11) [usually in EPC reference book]

- Some basic information on the US and JP patent systems - Dec 2013

Other books (you decide based upon your experience answering exam questions during your preparation)
- English/German/French <=> own language dictionary
- EPC Case Law Book - Sept 2013

Do not take:
- Your own calendars with EPO holidays
- Legal reference books that you have never used before (practice finding things in them)
- Only hand-in materials written at the exam on EQE A4 paper (no pre-prepared materials)

Other lists of things to take:
- IPKat
- EQE Forum "Questions about Exam Procedure'

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