Monday, February 5, 2018

I will be an epi benchmarker in Munich for EQE 2018

Every year, the Examination Committees rely on papers from "benchmarkers" to help fine-tune the marking. These papers are made by people who have already passed the EQE, and ideally they are looking for people who can get around 50 points.
The benchmarkers take the exam at the same time as everybody else under the same exam conditions. Their answers are then be used in the group discussions about what should be awarded points, and what is insufficient.
I am happy to support this on behalf of the epi. To anyone who has passed the EQE (or passes it this year), please volunteer next year when the epi sends the email in October. It is very much appreciated by the Examination Board and Committees. 

Last year I only did the D paper - this year I will do all 4 papers (D, A, B, C) in Munich. I just bought my safety scissors in case I need to cut up the papers.

Good luck!


  1. You definitely are a great person, Pete. Your generosity and altruism is most inspiring!

  2. Thanks. Behind the scenes, there are many more generous people who spend a lot of their own time making the exams, organising things and marking the papers.

  3. Nevertheless I also agree with Anton, your PCT AG compilation, the National Law book that you compiled with the 2 year updates, nothing short of impressive. Thank you for that.