Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New innovations to learn patent law

Two websites offering something new to help students - online tools that you can access anywhere at any time, so you can study when it is most convenient:

1. EPC.App
A very smart way to allow you to annotate the EPC. You can use the existing annotations and comments from the authors, adapt them as you wish and add your own. So, you can add extra comments about things you have difficulty with, or short answer templates for things asked frequently on the exam. You access your version on-line from any device, and when you are getting close to the exam, you make a pdf and print it. The law is updated twice a year, so you can keep using it after the exam as well. It also solves the problem you have updating your legal book when studying over two years (Pre-Exam then Main Exam). The standard price is comparable (in some cases cheaper) than buying a legal book each year, but they do have a Student Edition which is free for EQE candidates until 31-03-2019. It is available in English and German.

2. Practice for the EQE
Test yourself with questions about EPC & PCT. The best way to learn the law is to learn it in pieces, and to work on it frequently. This an easy-to-use platform that allows you to test your legal knowledge and keep track of your progress. The questions are asked in different ways, so you can try different styles. It is accessible on-line on any device. The instant feedback and oveviews of what you got wrong means you can concentrate on those areas the next time you go through it. They are still adding content, but there is currently no charge to use what they have. 

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