Sunday, October 6, 2019

Stand-alone version of EPC.App available through Amazon

The IP.appify platform allows you to fine tune and build your own legal reference for both EPC and PCT, that will never be outdated.
As an alternative to working on-line, the EPC part is also available as a stand-alone book with author's comments (and cross-references) on Amazon (.de or .com or in English or German.
The main author for the EPC is Dr. Christoph Schindler. This already includes enough comments and references to answer most of the questions at the EQE if you have studied, and are familiar enough with the law to be able to find relevant articles and rules. See my review of last year's edition, which I used to answer the EQE 2019 D paper.

This does not include PCT - this will eventually also be available as a stand-alone book with just the author's comments. We have just finished the first edition for on-line use, and we are currently fine-tuning the page content and the length for printing. I am the main author for the PCT part.

1st Edition of PCT.App now available

After a lot of effort, both making content as well as adapting the platform (thanks to Till Andlauer, Stefan Ahlers, Thomas Eißfeller), we have finished the first edition available of the PCT. App. Finally, a tool is available that can deal with a convoluted law like PCT.
This is the book that I wish had been available when I was first studying PCT. The main organisation of the law is based on topics, and not on articles and rules, although I have kept the order of articles as much as possible. Where necessary, Administrative Instructions have also been included. Clickable cross-references are included demonstrating how the law is arranged, as well as external links to simplify studying.
It includes my comments as author, with explanations of how things work, but coupled to the law to illustrate the legal basis for what is going on. It also includes legal analysis and interpretation of key articles and rules for legal practitioners. Comments are also included about the WIPO organisation and amendment of the Treaty.
The PCT.App platform is a perfect platform for fine tuning your own legal reference - you can jump around the law using links, go to external sections of the different guidelines to learn, hide author comments that you do not need, add both in-line and adjacent comments, highlight and underline important parts. The IP.appify platform allows you to generate pdf's so that you can print your reference.
It will eventually also be available with just author's comments as a stand-alone book, but we need to tune the page content and length first. The EPC.App stand-alone book with author's comments on EPC is already available on Amazon (.de or .com or in English or German.