Wednesday, December 18, 2019

PCT Refs for EQE 2020 - Part I and II

Every year, on 31 Oct, WIPO produces a printable version of the complete Applicants Guide, including all annexes, specifically for the Pre- and Main Exams. The current version can be found here. But it is 2030 pages and much of it will never be required at the exam.

I have produced this abbreviated & improved version to lighten the load and to save a few trees. Using Regulations, past papers and comments from Examination Committees, I have limited it to adequately cover what you may need. In addition, I have added many useful overviews from the WIPO& EPO websites and OJEPO's which can speed up answering questions during the exam.

My book is available in two parts, and reflects the status on 31 Oct:
If ordered on paper, each must each be added to your basket separately.
- Part I - References 160mm x 230mm x 12mm - 375g - 380 pages
- Part II - Annexes 160mm x 230mm x 18mm - 565g - 580 pages
UPDATE 03 Jan 20: A4 versions can also be downloaded free of charge from the same page if you wish to print them yourself.

Part I: References
- Useful overviews from WIPO website
- PCT/PC/WTO Treaty memberships
- Overviews of fees
- Latest versions (11 July 2019) of AG-IP and AG-NP, with my Detailed Table of Contents
- New: FAQ's on Contingency Upload Service, A.19 & A.34 amendments, R.49.6 Reinstatement, Third-Party Observations
Part II: Annexes
- Annex B, C, D, SISA, and E info for selected international Authorities
- National Chapters for selected DO/EO's


  1. Hi Pete, thanks for your hard work! The download version of the PCT References for EQE 2020 is not yet available. Do you have an estimate for when it will be available?

  2. Yes - the downloadable version of the PCT Refs will be available in the next couple of weeks - I need to reduce the size, and to add the links to the website.

    Good luck with your preparation!

  3. The downloadable versions are now available at There are 2 options for download. Let me know if there are any issues. Good luck with the preparation!