Friday, November 13, 2009

Compensation for re-sitters in EQE 2010

Last week, I was in Munich for the yearly meeting of EQE tutors and the examination committees.
One of the issues explained was the compensation system, and in particular the possibility to retroactively pass individual examinations.

It is probably easiest to explain by examples.
(F): fail / (CF): compensable fail / (P): pass

For RE-SITTERS in 2010 and beyond

If you have started with the modular system (1st A/B, then C/D) with an A/B sitting in 2007, 2008 or 2009, the old system may still be used for the C/D sitting in 2010, 2011 or 2012 respectively.

In EQE2009 gets A:80(P)/B:45(CF)
Compensable fail for B remains valid as a compensable fail under old modular system.
Candidate may resit B only (make use of new system) or A&B together (make use of old modular system) at one of the EQE's 2010, 2011 or 2012.
However, resitting A or B would mean that the results for that paper from 2009 would be overwritten by the new score.

In EQE2010 gets C:70(P)/D:60(P)
Compensation is applied in 2011 under the old system, and passes B retroactively (and therefore whole EQE)


If the old modular system no longer applies, then the current status has to be translated to the new system:
- Any passes from EQE1993 up to and including EQE2008 that are valid on 1/1/09 remain valid under the new system.
- Passes from EQE2009 remain valid under the new system
- Any fails or compensable fails from exams up to and including EQE2009 become FAILS under the new system.


In EQE2009 gets A:80(P)/B:80(P)/C:10(F)/D:46(CF)
Compensation is applied in 2009, but C is a fail and so no compensation. EQE fail, and C fail.
Fail for C and compensable fail for D become FAILS in the new system.
Candidate must resit C and D.

In EQE2010 resits only C, and gets C:50 (P)
Compensation is applied in 2010, but not allowed to pass D retroactively

In EQE2011 resits only D, and gets D:46 (CF)
Compensation is applied in 2011, D passed under compensation rule, and whole EQE passed.

In EQE2008 gets A:80(P)/B:80(P)/C:44(F)/D:45(CF)
Compensation is applied in 2008, but C is a fail and so no compensation. EQE fail, and C fail.

In EQE2009 gets C:45(CF)/D:45(CF)
As it is a re-sitter, no compensation available so cannot pass in 2009.

Compensable fails for C and D become FAILS in the new system.
Candidate must resit C and D.

In EQE2010 gets C:45(CF)/D:45(CF)
Under the new system, compensation is applied, and both C&D are passed, and therefore the whole EQE.

The system is very complicated, so always check with the Helpdesk about your personal situation:


  1. in EQE 2009 I had: A:34(F) and B:47(CF). In EQE 2010 I will try A (resit), C and D (first time). Can I compensate my B47? Is it valid only for this year or not?

  2. Yes, I think so. You are in the last group making use of the old modular system, so special rules apply.

    In your case, you can leave B, and compensate with the others this year.

    To be 100% sure, I would always advise checking with the Examination Secretariaat, as the rules are very complicated.
    You can call them at +49 (0)89 2399-5155

  3. Sorry, when are the dates for EQE 2010 in Munich (München) ?? I have lost the letter and I need to book a flight!!

  4. The EQE will be held from 2-4 Mar 2010
    2 Mar (Tue) is DI (morning) / DII (afternoon)
    3 Mar (Wed) is A (morning) / B (afternoon)
    4 Mar (Thu) is C (morning & afternoon)

    I suggest you contact the EPO with regard to the starting times, but the morning paper starts around 0900, I think:
    Tel.: (+49-89) 2399 5155
    Fax: (+49-89) 2399 5140

  5. Pete, I sent an email to the Examination Secretariaat. My 47 in the paper B is not vaild, because I failed the paper A. I did not this rule! Next year I have to resit paper B..

  6. Sorry Poalo,

    My explanation was based on examples discussed with several people.
    It looks like I made a mistake in your particular case.
    The secretariat is correct - with the modular system, you have to either keep both the A&B results, or resit A&B both. You cannot just re-sit one.
    Sorry again for giving you false hope.

  7. can I compensate C:45 (2010) with B:68 (2008)??

  8. Anonymous: Yes I think you are safe - see below what the EQE Secretariat wrote to me on compensation:
    I just received my EQE results (A(2010)66, B(2009)72, C(2010)46, D(2010)42), and this comment from the EQE Secretariat:
    According to the Regulation on the European qualifying examination (REE), a paper which was not passed yet can be resat.
    In the case described below, resitting paper C of course wouldn't make much sense. I can confirm that according to Rule 6 Implementing provisions to the REE, the EQE is passed if
    two papers are passed (50+ points) and
    no paper is failed (less than 45 points) and
    the total aggregate mark is at least 200

    If we take the results you mentioned in your email

    A in 2009 66 points, B 2010 72 points, and failed C 2010 46 points, and D 2010 42 points
    resitting only paper D in 2011 and scoring 45 points or more would be sufficient in order to pass the EQE.

  9. Anonymous of 10:01 AM:
    I agree - the B:68 pass is retained in the new system, and use to compensate any EQE results in 2010 and beyond.

    So you only need 45 points or more to pass, if you have enough compensation points. So 45 for C in 2010 is enough (assuming you passed A and D in the past)

    So, congratulations - you have passed.

    A pity about the D, but at least you got C behind you.

  10. I've really been unlucky with this shinnanigins - passed A, B and D in 2008, then got 46% in 2009. This year I got 43% in C, so I still can't get a compensible fail on C - So so so annoying.

  11. It is a very tough system - I have seen people fail by 1 point, and a couple of people miss compensation for 2 exams by 1 point.

    Do you know where you are missing points?
    One of the main things required for C is a very detailed and accurate problem-solution approach

  12. Dear Pete,
    in EQE 2007 I had: A:66(P) and B:66(P). In EQE 2010 I had C: 49 (CF) and D: 36 (F). The question is: which paper/s do I have to tackle in eqe 2011? Is it the paper C compensaple with a paper D: 50 + points or is it necessary to tackle also paper C?
    I enrolled to both papers, but if the compensation of C was possible then I'd withdraw my enrollment to Paper C in order to save marks (49). Is it correct? thanks UGO from Italy

    ill try A (resit), C and D (first time). Can I compensate my B47? Is it valid only for this year or not?

  13. Hi UGO,

    Yes - you can withdraw from C and keep the 49 points.
    You only then have to do D - if you get 50 points or more for D in 2011, you will pass everything because you will have > 200 points in total.

    For such an important decision, please first check it with the EQE helpdesk:
    They will confirm that you can do this.

  14. Thanks Pete!
    I'll follow your suggestion and check it with EQE helpdesk! You're the best!

    Bye UGO