Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-examination for EQE 2012 possible

At the tutor's meeting of 6 Nov 2010, we were told that the Examination Board is aiming to implement the new pre-examination in 2012.
The idea of a pre-examination is to provide an initial test of knowledge and competence. Candidates may only sit the EQE if they pass this pre-examination.
Only 2 years of training are required to sit this pre-exam.
However, it is not completely clear what the form and content of the pre-exam will be. There were many ideas in the past about splitting off the DI paper to be the pre-exam, or using the A paper.
It is very likely that it will be a separate and new paper testing some legal and drafting aspects. The details are now being finalised, and should appear sometime after EQE 2010 in March.

All new candidates  at that tiome must first take and pass the pre-exam before being allowed to sit the A/B/C&D papers.
Some candidates are exempted from being forced to pass the pre-exam:
- anyone who has already took an EQE paper at EQE 2011 or earlier, or
- anyone who will have completed at least 3 years of training in March 2012 and has enrolled for EQE 2012

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