Monday, February 15, 2010

EPC1973 Ancillary Regulations

The EPO has removed the Ancillary Regulations EPC1973 from their web site. As I pointed out, many of the references have been superseded, so probably the EPO feels that making old references available is confusing for users.

They suggest accessing the references via the on-line EPC and OJEPO's, but that is rather time-consuming if you are looking for a number of references.

See here for my earlier post on why you may need this document for the EQE 2010.

Purely for study purposes, I have made the document available as:

1. The complete EPC1973 Ancillary Regulations book
2. Only the section "Legal Advices" from the back

28 Apr 2010 update: Until the DeltaPatents links are fixed, I have changed them to ones that point to where they can be accessed after free registration.

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