Monday, May 3, 2010

New: Basic IP Courses

Two new courses - these are not EQE courses, but beginners courses, found here. For these courses, I tried to include a lot of the things that I wish I has learned when I started out.They will be offer back-to-back in the same week as the first is the ideal preparation for the second.

The first is an Introduction to Patents, aimed at anyone who wants or needs to know about patents. This could be trainee patent attorneys, but also any one who needs to review a patent or judge their quality, such as inventors, IP coordinators or IP managers. Practical exercises are used to explain claiming.

The second is Claim Drafting in Electricity/Mechanics, aimed at trainee patent attorneys who want a quick way to become competent at drafting. With the necessary theoretical background and practical drafting exercises, the procedure from invention to patent application is illustrated and practiced.

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  1. These two courses will be offered in the same week, allowing participants to attend both back-to-back.