Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Extra feedback for EQE 2010 Re-Sitters (Paper C and D)

Congratulations to those who passed at least something at the EQE 2010. Any exam passed is quite an achievement.

Remember that if you got 45-49 points at EQE 2010, you may not have to resit this paper if you are able to compensate with future attempts.
If you got 44 or less, then you must retake the paper.

For those who unfortunately failed C or D, we offer extra feedback to help face the preparation for EQE 2011.

The feedback from the examination committees is generally not enough to figure out where points were lost - you only get the marks per question as a marking sheet.

Under our Correction of  EQE papers program, we offer correction of EQE 2010 C, DI and DII papers at the end of August 2010 to help re-sitters figure out what went wrong. We provide individual comments, suggestions for improvement, our own detailed marking sheet and our proprietary model solutions.

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