Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Figuring out what went wrong on EQE 2011 - help for resitters

This week, candidates receive the official EQE results, confirming the results published last week. Included is a marking sheet, showing the number of points per question.
Candidates who unfortunately need to resit C and/or D will be trying to figure out how to do it differently in 2012. The marking sheets and the Examiner's Reports in the Compendium are generally not enough to figure out where points were lost.
DeltaPatents offers Correction of  EQE papers, where we offer correction of your EQE 2011 C, DI and DII papers. Deadline to sign up and hand them in is 30 August 2011, together with your marking sheet. We then provide individual comments, suggestions for improvement, our own detailed marking sheet and our proprietary model solutions.

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