Friday, March 2, 2012

Good luck next week, and a final test for the D paper

Good luck to everyone taking an exam next week

Remaining tips:
- get plenty of rest in the weekend

- look through the exams before you start writing to see what you have to do
- if the exam looks different than previous exams (e.g. different number of questions, different order, less prior art, more prior art), don't panic. If you can do the previous exams, then you can do this one
- don't rush madly to get to the end - 3/4 of the points for 3/4 of the exam is also a pass

- if you discuss the exam afterwards, remember that no candidate actually knows the solutions which will be accepted

- take a few days off afterwards, and think about something else ;-)

Just in case you need a last test for D, you will find a multiple choice test on the EQE forum based on an old DI paper which I updated:


  1. How the Heck did you know?

    This year's C part had NO question (repeat ZERO) in the client's letter

  2. I didn't know for sure, but next year the Examination Committees have to change the exam - there will only be a single D paper, and the C paper will be 1 hours shorter.
    B will also be 1 hour shorter.

    So it makes sense that they already start with some of the changes.