Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Avoiding Lockdown Browser crashes, and how to get out

Update 24 Feb 21 after Mock3: this post is intended to help with problems DURING the exam
Update 23 Feb 21: added comment about company computer
Update 18 Feb 21: handing in after Browser crashes possible (based on info from EQE helpdesk)
Update 14 Feb 21 - AI monitoring part during exam amended. During exam, a lot is recorded and invigilators will have access. After exam, AI analysis will be done to flag problems, but people will review.
Update 11 Feb 21 after webinar
Update 10 Feb 21: Ignacio Lobato Holtmann has created a Telegram group for fast exchange of eEQE questions, tips and info: He also proposes forming study groups for the next EQEs.
Update 5 Feb 21: Winkey L not allowed
Mock2 was intended to test everything with a big load, so the flows will NOT be available later. 
Mock3 (23 Feb) is last chance to test YOUR system before the exam, so login as much as possible.

I tried many different ways of crashing the browser with the keyboard in Windows 10. This is not a complete list, I am sure, and unofficial. The Respondus LockDown Browser version was - 7 Aug 2020. (Same version was used in Mock3). Let me know if anything is missing, particularly for Apple/Mac's.

Before exam:
  • Don't be passive and just accept problems & difficulties. Also relating to room requirements. Report them to
    • they get an idea of the scale of problems, they can prioritise any fixes or messages, and they find about new issues
    • you have already recorded your problem ("all due care"-like), so if it happens during the actual exam and there is a discussion later, you have some documented evidence
  • Read the official docs here: eEQE page ( and FAQ's page ( before testing and again before the exam. Many issues are already covered and they are updated regularly.
  • If you had technical issues during mocks, check known Wiseflow technical issues (, particularly troubleshooting and webcam troubleshooting)
  • My overview of troubleshooting to be done BEFORE the
  • Some problems may be due to using a company computer where you don't have full admin rights. For example, blocked urls, a missing chat window in Zendesk, changing IP addresses, automatic virus scans, screensavers that cannot be disabled, updates that cannot be disabled.
  • AI does not automatically generate warnings if you move your face out of view or speak. 
  • Your camera and microphone are sampled, and the invigilators have a dashboard with the real time status. For example, the degree of facial recognition is monitored. If one of them is "zero" or "low" (e.g. if you move too much), you should go to the top of the list, and they may contact you. But it depends on how busy they are. 
  • Not being contacted does not mean that everything you did was acceptable.
  • After the exam, this data is combined with other inputs in your profile. It is used afterwards to determine whether suspicious behaviour is suspected. The AI will generate a list of possible suspicious behaviour, which will be further analysed by people. It is the people who make the decisions. 
  • Preferably use a computer with only hardware and software absolutely necessary for EQE. You can easily make a new separate user account in Windows.
  • You can set up your phone as a mobile hotspot to use in emergencies, but it cannot be within reach during the exam. Your computer has to be set up to automatically switch.
  • Do your best to comply with the spirit and letter of the regulations and instructions, and you should have no problem. However, as the AI infers behaviour based upon limited sampling, you should document you room and workspace - see my post here about the Instructions and Creating your own evidence
  • Many of the restrictions cannot be tested in Mock1, so do not rely on that. They were detected during Mock2 and Mock3.

Disabling functions before the exam

  • Disable all screensavers, hibernation modes and power savers - do not allow the display, hard disk etc to be turned off after a period of inactivity. Inactivity is most likely on Paper C where you have a lot on paper to read, but on some systems screens are turned off after 10 minutes.
    • some people said during Mock3 that their screensavers did not come on, probably diue to the camera operating. But this is a risk if you cannot disable these
  • Disable Win 10 settings allowing 3 or 4 finger gestures to be disabled for a touchpad
  • Disabling ALT-TAB and WINKEY keys requires third-party software. Gamers also like to disable them, but usually with software. 
    • This software is not compatible with LockDown Browser
  • Alt-Tab twice kicks you out: they are looking at this. Try and stick to CTRL-C, CTRL-V and CTRL-SHIFT-V - these will be the safest
    • If tripped, you will need invigilator password, have to reset, costing you 5-10mins, and causing stress
  • Browser is a 3rd party product. Assume that this will not be improved and take action to avoid pressing. 
    • if you have a USB keyboard, you may be able to take off either the TAB or ALT cap. TAB is probably the one you don't really need. Laptop key caps cannot be removed!!!!!
      • Note that TAB / SHIFT-TAB can be used to change bullet indent positions. So you will only have one indent available. But that is enough for the exam - don't try and make the formatting too nice. Use "-", "=", or space if you want to show a difference.
    • Or put a sticker on it so it feels different. 
    • Or slide a thin piece of card, like a business card, or plastic, under the edge. TAB seems to be the easiest to block as it is a wide key. ALT is preferred by those who use the TAB key for indenting.
  • I recommend also disabling WINKEY in the same way

Zendesk (FAQ's - 24 Feb 21):
  • Easiest and quickest way to reach an invigilator is through Zendesk chat tab in LockDown Browser. Request will be acknowledged within 15 minutes after receipt. Answer time depends on complexity of issue.
  • If not in LockDown browser, you can log-in via “” from a standard internet browser. Only in emergencies and if Zendesk is not available, call +49 89 2399 5155. Telephone lines are very limited - Zendesk is strongly recommended.
  • Communication via email will not be dealt with.
  • My comment: I realise it will be stressful, but please be respectful to the invigilators 🙏. It is not easy to diagnose problems remotely and there may be different escalation levels they have to go through.

During the exam:
  • Avoid being flagged later by keeping face and ears within camera view and being quiet. 

  • Avoid crashes (considered "Illegal Actions") (checked again during Mock3)
    • DO NOT USE: ALT-TAB, 3 or 4 finger gestures on touchpad
    • DO NOT USE: Winkey-D, Winkey-L, Winkey-M, Winkey-P, Winkey-R, Winkey-X, Winkey followed by trying to change any taskbar settings
    • DO NOT USE: in general, any shortcut or command allowing other applications to be opened, going to another desktop, going to another application, trying to change system settings etc.
    • Browser has also reported "too many mouse movements" on some computers - I could not replicate this.
  • Appear to be allowed (but no guarantee this is true on all systems) (checked again during Mock3, some were confirmed by other): 
    • two-finger gestures for scrolling and zoom in/out (3 & 4 finger gestures were disabled)
    • F5 - refresh browser. Use LockDown Browser's built-in refresh function instead - click on "refresh" icon at top left to start. For Main Exam, it is no problem. In Pre-Exam, you need to user password and invigilator passwords to get back in. 
    • CTR-ALT-DELETE - (can take several seconds to respond). Lockdown Browser reduces options normally available. Can select different network or keyboard at bottom right. 
      • don't select Lock screen (= same as using Winkey-L)
      • only use in emergencies. Winkey-space is preferred to change keyboard layout
    • CTRL-A, B, C, F, I, U, V, X, Y, Z 
    • CTRL-SHIFT-V pastes without formatting 
    • CTRL-TAB is accepted, but it does not switch between browser tabs (as expected) - it just increases indents
    • SHIFT-TAB is accepted, but appears to work just like TAB
    • CTRL ↑ and ↓ to jump between paragraphs. CTRL ← and → to jump between words.
    • CTRL-SHIFT ← and → to move text selection to end of earlier/next word
    • CTRL-SHIFT ↑ and ↓ to move text selection to end of earlier/next paragraph
    • SHIFT ↑ and ↓ or SHIFT-END to move text selection to end of line
    • PG UP, PG DN, HOME and END or CTRL-HOME and CTRL-END - jump to next page top or bottom of answer
    • BE CAREFUL WITH Winkey - see above
    • Winkey-space - to change keyboard layout 
    • Winkey +, Winkey - for zooming in Windows. CTRL-scroll wheel did not work. Use LockDown Browser's built-in zoom function instead - click on (i) icon at top left to change.
    • Winkey . and Winkey ;   open emoji keyboard 😲. Could be useful to help you navigate long answer, or to mark something to finish later. Don't use as part of your answer - it is not retained after conversion.
      • <joke> For the Zendesk chat? 🚻🚽. As abbreviations? 🧯 (removal of cause of non-compliance), 💣 (undisclosed disclaimer), 💡 (inventive step),  📆 (working day), 💉 (first medical indication), 💳 (opposition fee paid by credit card) </joke>
  • Avoid other crashes:
    • Don't open too many tabs (typically more than 10)
    • Don't press CTRL when clicking on Assignment to open assignment in a tab (just click without CTRL)
    • Don't press CTRL-P: on some systems, this appears not to be blocked (unclear why - I could not replicate it). But you should not be printing during the exam (it is supposed to be disabled). If it does something, it likely will crash the LockDown Browser due to pop-up windows.
    • System notifications or pop-up windows can cause freezing. If in front of browser, you cannot click on it. If behind, you cannot navigate to it. If behind, you also do not know what the cause is. You may have to try refreshing the Browser to solve (see below)
    • Screensaver, automatic screen locking and power saving can create instability and force the FLOWlock program to close. Disable all sleep and hibernation, or set them for many hours.

My suggested (unofficial) way of dealing with freezing/crashing during the exam

A. Camera disconnection:
  • During Mock3, many candidates had problems with the camera turning off after some time during the exam (entry image and initial testing by LockDown Browser were all done successfully). It is not clear why this happens. The LockDown Browser does not generate an error or warning. It should be detected by the invigilators dashboard - if they have time and it lasts too long, they should contact you to find out.
  • If you notice the camera is off (e.g. LED turns off), report it as soon as possible in Zendesk chat (you likely will not know how long it has been off). 
  • Solution (ME): Refresh Browser (Click on browser "refresh" icon top-left). If this does not work, you may need to exit the LockDown Browser as described below.
  • Solution (PE): For Pre-Exam, LockDown Browser works differently - you will need to enter flow AND invigilator password after a refresh before you can continue. So, you need to wait for instructions from Zendesk if you do not have the invigilator password to refresh.  If this does not work, you may need to exit the LockDown Browser as described below.

B. LockDown Browser freezes / crashes

1) If an "illegal action" is detected, you get 1 warning only.

  • At this point, you can still work, but you may not know what the issue is.
  • Go to your main tab, report the problem in the chat and ask the invigilator password for advice 🙏. Something in your system is generating false conflicts. Explain what you think the problem is.

2) If a second illegal action is detected (it does not need to be the same action), a pop up appears with "Session has been ended administratively"

  • The browser freezes. What to do depends on whether you can access the Zendesk tab, and you can start a chat.
  • FAQ's - 24 Feb 21: invigilator passwords will not be distributed before exam. You must get from invigilator after giving valid reasons why you need it. They will also give you specific instructions what to do with it. Permission is granted to use only once. If you need to use it again, you must ask again. All uses of the password are registered in your monitored data. You may not share it.
  • If the Zendesk chat was opened immediately through External Resources, then you should be able to click on the Zendesk tab and communicate with the invigilator. Ask them what to do🙏.

2a) you have invigilator password (Mock1: cba)

  • Click on "Close browser" in the "Session has ended..." pop-up. In most cases, this does not seem to work.
  • Click on "i in a circle" (i) logo which appears at on each tab. This is where you also set the zoom. 
  • There is a button "Proctor Exit" in the pop-up window. Click on this 
  • Enter the password to close the browser. You are back in Windows desktop.

2b) If that does not work, and you cannot contact Zendesk:

  • Go to your Windows lock screen - either CTRL-ALT-DELETE and select Lock or Winkey-L 
    • this will will crash the browser, so only do it if you are really stuck
  • The mouse does not work, so use space to see the buttons and icons.
  • At the bottom right is the on/off logo - one of the options is to reboot. Ignore the warning about losing data. After reboot you are back in Windows desktop.
  • If that does not work, you may need to press reset button on your computer

3) Once in windows, you will need the invigilator password to get back in the Lockdown Browser:

  • If you don't have it, open a normal browser (Chrome etc) window, go to and login. Ask the invigilator how to proceed, explaining what happened 🙏. If you get the invigilator password, you can restart the LockDown Browser.

4) Once in WISEflow:

  • Start the flow and LockDown Browser, retake entry picture, enter participation and invigilator password.
  • Open Zendesk chat in External references, and login. Type in a brief comment about what just happened.
  • Your exam answer should still be there
5) Handing-in answer after crash
  • Only possible within the LockDown Browser
  • I asked helpdesk what you should do if you have a crash at the end. Answer: "submission/hand in can also be done after the exam has finished. They will be able to hand in the exam but not adapt it anymore. They can do it in the space of half an hour (30 mins) after the exam time is finished. In case they are facing any further issues they need to contact the invigilators" 

C. Loss of internet Connection

  • A warning will appear in the Browser, telling you to keep working. The Browser is pretty robust at dealing with this, so the best option is to wait and hope that the problem corrects itself
  • If it is taking a long time, contact Zendesk 🙏
  • If you have another network available, press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and quickly select it to go to the pre-lock screen. This has been tried by a few people, and seems to work on a lot of system.
    • Don't leave the screen visible longer that it needs to be. 
    • Don't click on Lock - this is Lock Screen (same as Winkey-L) and crashes the browser.
  • After the internet connection, check the Zendesk tab - you may need to log in again.


  1. Hi Pete. Do you know if we have to wait for the inviligator to respond when we ask to go to the loo. I was in queue 89 today and I just wanted to nip to the loo quickly.

    1. No - officially: just type in via the chat function when you take an unscheduled break and when you return to your desk e.g. “I take an unscheduled break” and “I’m back from the unscheduled break”.
      You do not have to wait for authorisation from the invigilator before leaving your desk.
      Make sure you leave the system/browser running.

    2. Exactly. I did that today (list position 87). 10 min before finishing the exam list position 12. No flagging or any warnings: so I guess it worked well.

    3. I did many things that would normally violate the exam rules (had to answer door, someone walking through, etc.) and never got any flags or warning, so I'm not sure the invigilation lets you know

    4. Video invigilation was not active during the MOCK exam AFAIK. That'll leave enough surprises and appealable issues for the exams ;-)

  2. Hello Pete, I really appreciate your testwork here. I will print it and keep it as a manual for "what-to-do-in-case-of-disaster". I got locked out yesterday, the infamous alt+tab and I was shocked, but today I managed to not do such "illegal actions" and complete the test. I noticed they added now a message about the 10tabs and alt+tab. I did not yet find a way to disable "alt+tab" in windows, if somebody has a suggestion, please put in the blog. I am in fact considering to remove the alt-key from my keyboard. A keyboard is now only a small extra cost. I am already using a brandnew laptop, because I wanted a "clean" computer for the exam software. Pressing by accident alt+tab would be really costly, and because I use alt-tab so much in daily work for switching between word and pdf's, there is a real risk. I don't understand why the test work you have done, was not done by EPO. This is the first time I am come across a "lockdown browser", and I assumed it locks down what you should not be using. It's a complete surprise for me that such a lockdown browser does not lock out certain undesired actions but detects these actions and automatically punishes the candidate. I see a market for special EQE keyboards ... On one hand, I really think EPO did well when they decided to go for a digital EQE, the further development of the pandemic proved that was completely right, but it's kind of unfortunate that EQE candidates have struggle with all these weird problems of the tool.

    1. Thanks. That was the idea - to put the things together. Hopefully, others will add.

      It seems not easy to disable ALT-TAB completely, but triggering on the second press after several seconds seems much too sensitive.
      Better to warn each time and record it, or set a much higher limit.

      Removing the key caps means you can't use the keys at all (unless you have a mechanical keyboard).
      You may use TAB in your answer, and you may need ALT if you need to reboot.

      You are correct - they were 100% right about requiring a solution that you can do anywhere and arrange on your own. If they had not done it, it would have been cancelled again.

      They are working night and day to get everything finished. The idea of Mock1 & Mock2 is that everyone tests the system themselves to catch all these issues, and either learns to avoid them or knows what to do if it happens.
      It is also important to keep reporting the issues to

  3. Hi Pete, thank you for all the work/support you provide EQE candidates. I really appreciate what you do!
    I came across a small issue, I have a desktop computer. My webcam was plugged on one of the front ports of my PC for easy access. During the exam I saw the LED of the cam was off, I assumed the webcam was not working and maybe the system notified the invigilator. I finished my exam without any notification but during the real exam this might be an issue. I think I inadvertently touched the cable and the signal was lost for a fraction of a second but the browser does not seem to detect the webcam once the signal was lost. I tried unplugging and replunging the webcam remained off. Once I was done with the exam, I tested the webcam with another application it seems to work.
    The webcam will be plugged on another port next time ��.
    Wish you all best of luck!

    1. Thanks, Misha!
      It seems as if they only were actively invigilating a few people for Mock2. I covered my camera, and there was no problem.
      I did not try unplugging it, but yes - likely that on the real exam, it will stop the browser, or at least warn you.
      And I wish you the best of luck with all the extra challenges this year.

  4. As I mainly hit the TAB key with my left smallest finger, I have hit it with a hammer. I am down to 9 fingers for typing, but it is worth it ;-)

  5. Mock2 was intended to test everything with a big load, so the flows will NOT be available later. 4 Feb & 5 Feb are the last chances to test YOUR system before the exam, so login as much as possible. If logging in late, use invigilator password is: xyz

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for your posts so far, they have been extremely helpful. Quick question though, where did you find the information for the invigilator password xyz? Also, I did not note any Zendesk information in my flow when doing D paper, maybe I missed it - is there a separate login etc. for this? I don't recall seeing this in the External Resource tab thus just curious. Many Thanks.

    2. Thanks. Somebody posted passw on deltapatents blog.
      Zendesk should be at top of options in External Resources - it opens in a separate tab.

  6. I was kicked out of the LockDown browser and I cannot understand why.

    Here are my settings:
    I am using a new computer with 16 GB RAM and a new processor, the computer has SSD with 300 GB free memory space. I have Windows 10 installed with the newest updates, as well as the newest Chrome version. I have admin rights as well.

    I am using an external screen, the laptop lid is closed. The screen is connected to the computer via HDMI. Mouse, keyboard and an external camera with a build-in microphone arranged over the external screen are all connected via USB.

    Both the camera and the mic were working fine during the exam at the time the system crashed, as the light of the camera and mic were on.

    I have run the test of WiseFlow to verify for the computer requirements and my computer complies with all the requirements of wiseflow, tested with the LockDown browser test.

    My internet connection was stable throughout the exam, even when the system crashed/when the system kicked me out. I am connected via an Ethernet cable directly to the router.
    Directly after LockDown browser kicked me out, I checked the internet and I had no internet problems. I even checked the internet speed and it was of 50 Mbps, which should suffice for the LockDown browser.

    The crash happened during part 3 of preexam mockup 2 as I was checking the answers before submitting. That means that I was looking directly straight into the screen, with my camera above the screen, so I was looking directly at the camera. I did not use any keyboard shortcuts during the exam and, as at this time I was checking the answers, I was only using the mouse to pass from one question to the next one.

    My screensaver settings were set to never lock and never turn off the computer screen. I was also actively passing from one question to the next one, so the problem did not come from an automatic screen locking or power saving option.

    It is known that by opening too many tabs, your system crashes. However I only had one tab open, so the problem came not from there either. 

    I have written the EPO about my problem, I hope they solve these technical issues and flaws of the faulty LockDown browser. It would be a pity after so much work to not be able to write the exam.

    I was also wondering if the EPO could make the invigilators password of the exams in March available to candidates before the exam without the need of contacting an invigilator in the zendesk chat to get the password. The invigilators chat was a catastrophe and if such a LockDown browser crash happens at the end of the exam before handing in, the candidate might not have time to ask for the invigilators password in the EPO Zendesk chat if there are other candidates experiencing similar technical problems and asking in the chat. Even if you hire more invigilators as during mock 2 (in mock 2, there was a queue of 110 people and I had to wait more than 1:30h to get an answer), if the problem happens in the last 10mins of the exam before handing in, the candidate might not be able to hand in if he or she has to wait several minutes until an invigilator responds with the invigilators password. By making the invigilators password publicly available, a system crash can be remedied faster. And in the last critical minutes of the exam you might be able to hand in after a crash in the LockDown browser without having to wait for an answer from the invigilator and avoiding the possibility of not being able to hand in.

    What happens if I am not able to hand in? For the case I finished the exam and that I am checking my answers (as it was the case during part 3, where I completely finished the part and was checking the answers), if the system crashes in the last minutes before handing in, will you correct the last saved version of the exam if a system crash did not allow the candidate to hand in? For my case in mock 2, the flow of part 3 says "no paper handed in". However, if the system automatically saves answers, you could still correct the last version of the paper available in the systems server.

    1. - strange crashes can be due to a pop-up window appearing behind the browser caused by something that was still running from you windows environment. The only thing that helps is to use a separate user account where you have very few applications installed and running
      - they were testing Zendesk with only a few invigilators. It will function normally during the exam. I don't think they will give out the invigilator password beforehand. But they will be much more responsive.
      - I don't know. There is an option within the browser to save a local copy and upload it later, but that does not help if the browser crashes. I will ask on Feb. 11 webinar

    2. Hi Pete,

      Thanks for the reply and for the time you take to help out the candidates.

      I do not think the problem was originated by a pop-up window, as I would have seen it after the LockDown browser crashed, as I was again at the desktop interface of the computer.

      From my opinion, the system LockDown browser has too many flaws. The EPO had enough time to test the system from the announcement in July that there would be an eEQE to the exams in March, but they left us candidates with the testing of the equipment under "real examination conditions" (although there was pretty much no proctoring at all) one month before the exams.

      I would not be surprised that many people experience technical difficulties during the exam. And this time the fault will not be due to COVID. I can understand that last year the EQE had to be cancelled due to this unforeseeable event. But I cannot understand that candidates fail due to the flaws of Wiseflow if the EPO decides to test the system in the last minute and without actual examination conditions.

    3. Thanks.
      Unfortunately, testing of your own setup is inherent with online exams you do at home.
      The technical issues was the original reason I posted about it - there is a real chance you will fail if your camera crashes or your microphone is not working. I agree with you that this is unacceptable after all the preparation work.

      Mock1 was supposed to be for the testing that you suggested, but most candidates did not realise this.

      But if something crashes, and you have not handed anything in, there is nothing you can do to force them to pass you - you might be able to retake (but they do not have a 2nd exam) or get your money back, but you have still failed.
      You can ask for technical help, but you will lose a lot of time. So, the best preparation is to work with the system as much as possible, and understand enough to fix some of the basic problems yourself.

      Also realise that not everyone is struggling with the online format - a large percentage are very happy and will just adapt. They can type much faster than writing by hand and are used to reading things digitally.

    4. Thanks Pete for all your effort. The blog is really helpful.

      I had a similar problem yesterday with Mock A.

      At the end the Pop-up for handing in showed up, however I could not press the hand-in button, since the screen is frozen. I could also not communicate with the inviligator via zendesk.
      After forcing my PC to shut down, I could not reenter the lockdownbrowser since the examination time lapsed. The inviligator only knew that there is a saved version from just before the shutdown. However, handing in was not possible. So far, I did not receive a reply from the Examination Secretary how my answer to Paper A could be saved. I hope it is not lost.

      It should be possible to reenter the Lockdown browser even after the examination time lapsed, so that the answer can be handed in or the EPO should give an advice what to do in this situation.

    5. I agree - it should be made possible to "hand-in" what ever is on file, either from outside the browser or by briefly logging-in, even after the exam has ended.

  7. I think it would be good if the EPO release a set of keyboard demands that don't work. Not everyone will be on online blogs so may not know many of the issues here.

    1. EPO has published an update concerning the shortcuts. That is in the FAQ of e-EQE.

      Avoid "Alt+Tab or the like". Highly unambiguous. Different thing is, what are officially these "or the like" shortcuts??? An exhaustive list of the official shortcuts is highly desirable.

  8. Just an FYI - we use Magnet Voice Softphone at our company and to my surprise the WISEflow system did not disable this application. During my exam, I received a phone call as the software was active (I just assumed that WISEflow would kill this process) and luckily enough the system did not capture this call and kick me out. So, word of caution, if using such applications be sure to kill the process before you start your exam.

    1. Preferably do it on a system with nothing else connected and nothing unnecessary installed. You can easily make a new user account in windows just for the exam.

    2. Good point Pete, thanks.

  9. Make sure that you read the official docs here: eEQE page and FAQ's page. Many issues are already covered.

  10. Is a recording of the EPO information session from 28 January available online?

  11. Since Mock 2 I encounter problems shuting down my laptop, I can only manage this from the login screen. The on/off-button in Start-Menu does not work and the taskmanager is also disabled.
    Any idea how to fix this?

    1. I think if you log out (sign out) of the account, it resets everything.
      When you just restart, windows stays partially logged into the account.

    2. Hello Pete, thanks for your hint.
      I just restartet the lockdown browser with Mock 1 and when the pop-up window for closing programs apeared, I pressed "leave lockdown browser". This shuts down the browser properly and the taskmanager etc is working again.
      Spending so much valuable time on PC stuff rather than learning is really annoying!

  12. Pete, I fear that your windows lock screen advice shouldn't be used often.
    I got a lockdown browser "3 or 4 finger gesture" warning and "you're not allowed to continue" which appears to be based on me catching the dedicated windows lock key on my keyboard.

    1. Did you use Winkey-L or CTRL-ALT-DEL?

    2. neither. Both of my keyboards have a dedicated lock key, so one only needs to press that one key.
      Have now ordered a keyboard without said key!

    3. Tried it again. Yes, if you are in lock screen too long, it crashes the browser. So don't use Winkey-L or a Lock key.
      CTRL-ALT-DELETE going to the pre-lock scree seems to work. I was able to turn my internet on and off. If you turn it off, the options appear when you go back in the browser to make a local copy. I went in again with CTRL-ALT-DELETE and turned it back on. That seemed legal.
      I have updated the main post.

  13. I did mock2 B paper to day and kept getting the message "your answers are not being save automatically, please contact an invigilator". This was very disturbing as the pop-up window had to be closed to continue navigating.

  14. For today's paper, can someone explain to me how adding the fluid-tight passageway without adding connectors or the thermal insulating layer is not an intermediate generalization of the embodiments from which basis is drawn?

    For the electrical wires and the PV module I understand, because they are listed as optional, but the fluid-tight passageway is only discussed along with a list of other features.

    Is it because claim 5 is the basis? If so, how can 'above' be equivocated to the actual arrangement in the embodiments when it is not equivalent?

    Very confused by added matter principles in this paper...

    1. There is nothing in the description that says that the fluid-tight passageway is inextricably linked to connectors or the thermal insulating layer.
      If you think this is not true, then you are probably using your own intuition, which is a bad thing in the EQE. (Even doing this, you would have to agree that if the fluid is air, then connectors may not be necessary)!

    2. True, but the list doesn't say 'any of the following' nor it is an 'or' list or something like that either.

      The embodiment includes them all for the second and third embodiment, so you are cherry picking features from the embodiment as if its a reservoir, which the guidelines explicitly warn against. In that sense, the features are inextricably linked.

    3. Yeah, it's a tricky one! I tend to think that in EQE-style, the description would say explicitly that features must be used togeather, or the client's letter says that he did experiments that show something only works with something else, etc, as hints to linked features. Here there was nothing.

    4. Yeah, I think there's a real risk of being too 'clever' in the EQEs. The Delta patents tutor (Jessica) advice was in a comment on today's mock on their blog and she said:

      '...the general approach for Paper B is to only improve the claims when the Examiner objects or in response to a request or an amendment from the client. Did the Examiner object to the "frame" only being defined in claim 2? Did the client say anything about the frame, thermal insulation layer etc? In both cases, no. The client only proposed an amendment w.r.t. the metal plate and the passageway, so your job was to get those right ("fluid-tight", "between", no aluminium).'

    5. Smarter than these EPI guysFebruary 4, 2021 at 6:30 PM

      I would agree that NOT amending to include at least the connectors and the frame would constitute an unallowable I.G.

      For the connectors in particular, they are connected in each of the second and third embodiments to the fluid passageway. The connection is direct (there is no sane argument that they are not 'inextricably linked'). Without the connectors you have an open tube (or sealed off tube?) with no way of getting fluid in and out of the passageway. Sorry EPI or EQE exam setters - but you're wrong and need to brush up on your guidelines.

      Regarding the frame, perhaps even more comically, this paper was adapted from B 2009 (electrical), whereby a FOURTH embodiment was also disclosed in paragraph 16. This fourth embodiment did not include a frame, connectors, or thermal insulating layer. In the mark scheme for paper B today, basis for not having a frame in claim 1 refers to this paragraph, where a 'frameless' embodiment is disclosed. Erm, no it's not, because that paragraph and the 4th embodiment were taken out of the mock compared to 2009B. Oops EPI.

      This fourth embodiment was probably the reason why you didn't have to have any of the connectors, frame or insulating layer in claim 1, but how are we to know?

      Anyone that is kidding themselves into thinking there is basis for an embodiment that doesn't include the frame in our mock 2 B paper 'because claim 1 as filed doesn't mention a frame' - I suggest you read up on sufficiency.

      Finally, prior art doc D1 did not disclose 2 embodiments. The only difference in the 'second' embodiment was the presence of fins, in ADDITION to all the fwatures of the 'first embodiment'. This is simply a further optional feature. Considering these 'embodiments' separately for I.S purposes is robotic to put it nicely.

      Rant over. All in all a complete waste of time, with a terribly put together paper that introduced mistakes in its deletions from 2009B. In hindsight I should have stayed in bed.

    6. wow, that is an amazing analysis! I got all the claims as shown in the example solution but because I thought a bit differently. I just did not find claim 2 necessary to be included into claim 1 in order to obtain features that would allow me to differentiate the invention from the prior art. For me, once features of claim 3 were included into claim 1, which were necessary to be able also include claim 5, and by replacing above by between and so, then the claim was already ready to be novel and inventive over D1 and D2. So, I stopped at that point with amending claim 1. Was it wrong? Probably. But I guess I need to look that up again.
      However, including the frame would be just like 1 unnecessary limitation, right? so max. 5 points cut off, still the rest would be okay and one will be getting at least 50 points in total, right? or am I being too optimistic here?

  15. Thanks Pete for sharing all these information!
    Today, I have been kicked out again (second time) because of an unauthorized keyboard action. I just bought a new keyboard and will remove the TAB key to solve this issue in the case Wiseflow will not solve it!
    Another point: during today's session, I tried to contact an invigilator after getting the first warning popup. For that, I opened the zendesk page from the external references and successfully logged in. In fact, i did that at the beginning of the session. However, no action was available from this page. If I go the page right now, it's the same page that appears nearly empty: one hyperlink named EPO links to the same page, one link to Zendesk goes to the zendesk global website, a dropdown on my name allows to change password or logout and a search box results to a "no results for your search" page if I type something in.
    Where is the chat interface that some of you have been using? I did not find it :(

    1. According to the official user guide 6.4.1, there is supposed to be separate pop-up. I was not able to test it, but others did use it earlier in the week.

    2. Thanks Pete!
      I went back to the user guide to check. This popup did not appear on my screen. Also, I didn' get the large FAQ box.

    3. After opening the zendesk page from external links, you will need to log in. Then, it will take you to the zendesk page. In the bottom right corner you will have a small icon in red (not sure if it has chat written on it) but looks like a sort of a square, when you click there a window will pop up saying something like: "Hi candidate, this is invigilator" there you can send any chat you need, like to inform that you have problems or go to the toilet. It takes a while to get an answer, so you just carry on with your things in the meanwhile (but do not close the page nor the chat)

    4. Thanks for your help but I see no sort of square. There is nothing more on the page that what I described above.

  16. Another problem detected: when accessing the EPC legal texts through Wiseflow, my company security blocks the webpage, which normally is accessible.

    1. I know that the big pdfs are blocked by the LockDown Browser, but most people could access the html pages.
      It sounds like they are using sandbox software to limit what the browser can access (a good idea). I know Windows 10 now has it, but I have not tried it.

    2. I think so that they had not been able to get deep enough to the core of Operating Systems in UNIwise. This due to the fact that they have not been able to block in the browser the non-allowed shortcuts. This is very weird thing.

    3. I read somewhere that Windows made it more difficult to block Alt-Tab because a lot of the Ransomware was disabling it quite easily.

    4. Ok, that makes the sense.

      Thanks, Pete.

  17. mpossible to have the subject on the same page; when I clicked on the subject in French, it only appeared in German. To get it in French I had to open a new tab.
    How can I solve this problem?

    1. You need to click the "Select assignment" button first and pick the FR version. Only then can you click the shown page and have it show the FR version on the same page.

      If you have already clicked on the shown page while the DE version was selected, then the viewer on the side will glitch out as Pete mentions above, and will only open in DE, even if you then pick EN/FR as the selected assignment.

      The workaround to resolving this is to refresh the browser and being careful to select the correct assignment this time round!

  18. I find all these requirements by candidates laughable. Most of what was mentioned here are standard keyboard functions used daily. The EPO should design a system that suits modern day candidates and modern day office work NOT the other way round.

    1. They did not design it - it is a commercial product. All the online exam browsers block these functions. The problem is kicking you out if you accidentally press twice.

    2. HI Pete - I don't mind that its a commercial product the EPO use but it doesn't feel like they have properly tested the functionality required. For example, strikethrough words is an essential tool for paper B but it seems that they didn't think of this when picking the software. They had a whole year to look at these things. Now - the software feels a bit hopeless and not equipped for many candidates. Its adding more things for candidates to worry about.

    3. I completely agree that the browser does not fit with A, B, C and D2. And it is frustrating because all that functionality exists elsewhere - the standard html pdf viewer has highlighting.
      I just meant that they may have been let down by an overpromising supplier. I am shocked by the general user unfriendliness of the Browser - my first thought that this was an unfinished project from 10 years ago ;-).
      The interface for the Pre-Exam legal questions is almost perfect as the questions are in the same tab as where you select the answers. You can highlight etc. and do perfect copy/paste.

      If the Browser does not crash, and people get in on time, then I think the papers are doable, except B.
      A and C have been made more difficult - A by not having all the clients letter (Mock2: 9 pages) on paper and C by splitting it into parts.
      For B, I was disappointed that there were still 9 pages that you could not print. This is a paper where you have to compare - claims from client with claims as filed, claims as filed with description as filed (drawings are not enough. They can give a hint, but disclosure is driven by words).
      I will be following the 11 Feb webinar - hopefully we will get a good sense of what will be changed between now and exam.

  19. Is it just me or is non of the Paper C documents available for printing prior to the exam. It's meant to be 10 mins beforehand but I haven't seen it made available.

  20. Correct, I cannot see the material either

  21. yeah nothing here either. This week hasn't gone well.

  22. Nothing so far ... are we expected to print so many pages in only 5 minutes ?

    1. As Pete has mentioned, they will be available earlier on in the real exam (hopefully!). In the user guide they have specified that you need a printer that can print at minimum 5ppm b/w so I imagine that will be their get out clause if you can't print everything in time. It is really not ideal I know but they have covered themselves.

    2. There was a pop-up saying 10 minutes before. It is still pretty tight scheduling, especially for Paper C, and if the printer is in a different room.
      By the way, you are allowed to have the printer in the room during the examination.

  23. At this stage, all of this is beyond a joke really.

  24. The same, how it that even possible ?

  25. This whole week has been a bit of shambles relating to software, invigilation, functionality and now printing materials.

  26. Absolutely nothing. This is just terrible. I've had problem after problem every day with this.

    1. This is part of the Mock2 test - the papers will be available much earlier on the day of the exam.

  27. There are NO CLAIMS to attack in part 1. What are we suppose to do in part 1?

  28. Hoping they are available earlier Pete, still printing here

  29. I did find printing nearly 30 odd pages to be very tight in the 10 minutes time limit given.

    1. I had 4 minutes to print them...

  30. So i was in the queue for zendesk today - 206 in the queue. I then switched back to the paper and then all of a sudden, I was asked to reconnect to zendesk again. Do they just boot you off zendesk when you switch back to the paper.

  31. Just a note which I will also feedback to the EQE directly. Due to the lax timing with the printable documents becoming available I was printing when the exam started, so I logged in whilst the printing was still ongoing.

    I received an error saying an illegal command was occuring when my printer dialog box popped up on screen and it threatened to lock me out (so having your printer dialogue pop up is perhaps an illegal move?).

    Obviously if they give us enough time to print the pages this won't be an issue. I think that 10 minutes should be the minimum time target for document availability. How much difference would 15 minutes make, really?

    1. What a nightmare!
      It is like doing an exam while walking through a minefield.

    2. It's important that they warn candidates of this. What if you were late (heaven forbid) and starting printing and immediately entered the exam?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I can confirm comment above, that when I tried to access HTML pages of the EPC legal texts through wiseflow, my company IT security blocked the site.
    Is this my problem, or can this be considered an unfair disadvantage?

  33. Apparently it is now possible to print (all) the claims from the opposed patent (A1) : is this correct? Will we be allowed to print them for Paper C in March as well ? It's confusing.

  34. It is shameful that they provided documents for C 3 min only before starting the exam. How do they expect us to trust in the system if there is plenty of errors while testing?
    For C, they should definetly provide the documents in advance. 10 minutes is quite tight and this assuming that you don't have problems with the printer (e.g. paper getting stuck, etc).
    I don't understand EPO obsesion with time pressure. What difference makes having the documents 15 min in advance. Or printing during the exam. It makes no sense to have such pressure on technical means rather than EPA practice.

    BTW- Pete thanks a lot for all your posts and good work testing.

    1. I completely agree. It takes me minimum 5 minutes to get in. I always have to start the software twice. Then the picture, etc. I must log in at least 10 minutes in advance. How am I supposed to print, too? This makes ZERO sense. I tried asking the invigilator....what a Joke. I was number 1 in the queue, an invigilator connected, then hung up.

  35. Can you use KEYBOARD PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN. I didn't dare trying to use it during the mock 2 in case everything crashes once again. It would be useful for C.

  36. My browser crashed twice in the first 15 minutes of C part 2 without even touching any keys or the mouse since I was reading the printed prio art.

    Run wiseflow on firefox, which all of a sudden closes the window and i was back at the desktop. could finish the paper with invilgator pw.

    The system went quite well for me the whole week, but this issue raised some concerns now and I wonder what was the reason for the browser to crash.

    1. update: our IT department has analysed the crashes and said it was the LockDownBrowser, which closed due to an error. There was no other event recorded in the time of the two crashes. I will tell the HelpDesk about this issue

  37. Worked without any technical issues. Beware though that opening zendesk, guidelines etc uses up your tab-limit. A colleague crashed wiseflow when opening zenddesk due to this feature...

    Can also recommend buying a wide angle webcam to enable a working space on the side while staying in picture.

  38. Im not at all confident with the main exams given the issues I and many others have experienced. I hope they get the system updated as much as possible before the main exam. This has caused me to worry alot more rather than settle me.

  39. Hi all, my laptop has worked well for the WISEFlow until C-2. The WISEFlow did not detect the microphone even though I tried to reboot the laptop and re-logion again. I tested my microphone with another online tool and it showed OK. Did anyone have the same problem here? I dont know if it is the problem of the WISEflow or my laptop...I really don´t want to buy a new laptop just because of that! it´s really disturbing that it happened during the last part of Mock-2 exams on the last day - no chance to test anymore...

  40. Quick question regarding the Notice of Opposition - Do we need to submit one for each page hand-in?
    I guess, from claims 5 - 7, it was clear there was no added matter objections. For claim 3, from the client's letter it appears/is obvious that there is an added matter objection attack to be made but one did have to check this only when claim 3 was received. Thus, should we just fill in a Notice of Opposition section stating all grounds including added matter during the first instance of submission rather than having to submit duplicate information so to speak - hope this makes sense.

    1. Just reading the epi answers, they mention this process should be performed again. Seems a bit ridiculous having to file information for Notice of Opposition twice.

      To my surprise, and I never even thought of this, but the epi answers also mention that the client's letter in part 2 may have different/additional information. Again, I think this is a ridiculous thing if they do it or have done - I need to check as I didn't even look at the client's letter again.

    2. Both parts are marked together, and there is no fixed format for the notice of opposition, so it does not matter where you put it as long as context is clear.
      Eg you can add text signature /**xxxx**/ at top of first page, with note that fee was paid by credit card.
      It makes sense to put in the bibliographic info and dates in the first part as you are reading the documents and as you copy the info to your timeline.
      For name of proprietor: As you copy/paste, search through exam to see if name appear in any of the other docs. Just in case there is 1st appln issue.

      Identify patent, opponent, representative etc.
      The grounds you will mention in your argumentation.

      You are supposed to be able to print your answer from the first part during the break (it will be in flow overview in WISEflow at bottom left). Today it took hours before it was available, so I am not sure you can rely on it.
      The only thing that may be unsure is extent, but as far as I know, there has never been a C paper where you were not supposed to attack all claims. So, you could either do it in the 1st part or the 2nd part.
      If you are worried about forgetting, print out an opposition form as a checklist, and just cross the things off when you have done them.

    3. Right, I printed the opposition form and just took 10 minutes to enter all the information, then moved on with life....or inventive step arguments in this case :) Re: Printing, I have 100% given up. I am teaching myself during studying to only rely on documents on my computer. I have no confidence in the EPO, and given the hiccups, I like to be logged in 10 minutes in advance. So, you know what? I'll save the planet.

  41. This whole week has been shambolic! I have zero confidence after doing mock 2. So many issues.

    1. An unusual issues? Have you sent them to

  42. Can anyone remember a time when candidates spent more time dealing with admin and getting system in place rather than revising for the actual exam content. Which previous year has had to deal with all of this?

    1. There have been major changes in format, but this is the most extensive. But also realise that for a lot of candidates who hated the old system of not being able to search and writing by hand.
      They are very happy and will do well and just cope with everything

  43. There is a lot of positives with the e-EQE, but the negatives of the new format (particularly the massive change to C) is making me nervous. I am not sure that I could survive a whole week of exams if I had to write them by hand.

    On that note, I didn't expect to have to tape a screw to my windows and alt key in order to remind my fingers not to press them.

    1. I will follow the webinar on 11 Feb. Hopefully they will mention this. Otherwise, I will ask. It is ridiculous to kick someone out for pressing a combination twice.

  44. Most candidates are in favour of online EQEs but not with this system that they have come up with.

    1. I will follow the webinar on 11 Feb. Hopefully they will say something about what will be fixed.
      I had also hoped to see more differences with the old format - A had some subject matter removed, and the harmonised the compound names. B had some subject matter removed. For C, I think they just split the claims onto 2 pages. For D2, the used a paper that was already sorted and added an extra application.

    2. For C, I think the timing is a bit tight. Same with D. I hope they will adjust a little and allow sufficient time to print paper C.

    3. I have to agree with that. I like the online aspect. But getting terminated for an alt-tab is harsh.

      This would be easier if we could anotate the pdf (at least highlight it) and actually navigate the table of contents of our application.

  45. There are still some things that don't work in wiseflow like the table of content. But there are clearly many more major issues like getting kicked out of an exam for using common commands.

  46. Hi there,

    I still don't get it with C, shall we write the info of form 2300 only only once, obviously at beginning of C-1 or twice : C-1 and C-2.
    I naturally would provide infos of form 2300 only once at beginning of C-1 with statement of grounds, effective dates and documents mentioning "only for claim xx to xy", and then at the beginning of C2, statement of ground, effective dates and documents used with mention "for claim xy to yz" and not re-type infos of form 2300, and end with /signature of representative/. What do you think ?

    1. Any way that avoids writing things twice is fine, but add anything that helps you double-check or not get lost. Candidates generally spend too much time on this - there are not that many marks for bibliographic details. It is also an exam - the details can be anywhere in your answer. For example, the signature does not have to be at the end or the statement of opposition at the beginning.
      The 2300 form contents are much more than is legally required (it is not required as a form for an opposition to be filed). It is designed to make sure that these things are fully complied with and to make life easier for EPO formalities officers initially accessing admissibility. But true admissibility is based on compliance of the contents with the legal requirements, and that is what is being tested.
      Unless there is something strange mentioned in the letter, you dont need:
      - application number
      - title of invention
      - case reference nrs, telephone numbers, fax numbers
      - nationalities
      - overview of grounds (section VI) - the grounds for each attack must be mentioned with legal basis in your arguments
      - other requests
      - evidence presented sheet (again, this is covered in your arguments). This used to be indicated as "do not use" in old exam papers. One list of documents is sufficient with the reference nr (A2 etc.). You are not required to give an overview of which documents are used against which claims (again, that is automatically available in your arguments)
      - place, date of signature, signatory's position

      If you look in the C 2019 Examiners Report, where they note that the form is optional, you will see the minimum needed for full marks for this exam. Sometimes there is something special, like a non-resident opponent, and then there will probably a mark for identifying the representative.

    2. according to official instructions for the e-EQE, you have to submit the form twice...

    3. @noddy, which official instructions?

  47. One additional comment :
    A instead of referring to the compendium for 2017, it would have been appreciated to do a short formatting to issue an "e-EQE compliant" model solution for C, so at least candidates would have an idea of how to deal with the fiction of a two part notice.

    1. It would have been nice to have a model solution structured to follow the 2 parts. And the minimum details for full marks for the things previously included on the 2300 form.
      I assume they will cover this in their tutorial.

    2. The first sessions are tomorrow. Hopefully someone will post on a blog somewhere if something crucial is discussed.
      I have no access to the discussion forums, and I will not be following any of the tutorials/q&a sessions.

  48. Hi all,

    Due to the many problems of the eEQE, I have created a Telegram EQE candidates group for a fast exchange of information. If someone is interested in joining, please do so under the following link:

    Also, we can form study groups for the next EQEs, etc.

  49. I hope they will recognise and adjust some of the timing of the exams

    For DI (part 1 and 2) - I found it to be very tight and ended up having to rush the final question.

    For DII - again the timing is not quite right. I ended up having to rush again.

    Writing out the law like R26bis.2(a) PCT takes a lot longer to do on the computer than handwritten. The question also seemed pretty long.

    For A and B - I think the times felt ok

    For C1 - Times seemed tight. All prior art documents made available so a lot of reading.

    For C2 - Timing is also tight as we had to read all prior art documents again now that new claims are made available. Did they factor this in?

    I hope they will consider the timing issues in one of the tutorials.

  50. Alt + Tab solution found! ;-)

  51. Hi Pete,

    I have a general question.

    If I copy paste the client's description into the editor's Wiseflow because I need to highlight it, and I hand in my answer with the highlight text BUT I put a sentence like "THE TEXT BELOW IS NOT PART OF MY ANSWER", especially for paper C where during part C2 I would probably need analysis done in part 1.
    Could the exam committee penalize me ?

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    1. Hi Sandra, don't worry about that. This year they understand that everybody is doing this.
      And there are no negative marks anyway.

    2. Thanks Pete,

      I was just wondering that if I put that text :"THE TEXT BELOW IS NOT PART OF MY ANSWER",
      it will deanonymised me.

      Kind regards,

    3. Not now that you have made it public - it could be anybody. And there have been a thousand clicks on this post since the 12th, so I think you are safe ;-)

  52. According to Delta patents blog, there is another Mock 3. yes, another mock to test the system. So late in the game.

    1. Yes. But it is needed for candidates and EPO. You only have to log in for a few minutes. See my separate post here.

  53. Gluing tacks to the Tab-button.

    But to something factual. Is that CTRL-SHIFT-V only available in Google Chrome or is it also availabe in other browsers, like Firefox?

    1. You are using it in the Lockdown browser, which just uses a html input tab.
      It does also work in a lot of email programs, and it is useful if you are updating a website.

  54. Handing-in answer after crash: only possible within the LockDown Browser
    I asked helpdesk what you should do if you have a crash at the end. Answer: "submission/hand in can also be done after the exam has finished. They will be able to hand in the exam but not adapt it anymore. They can do it in the space of half an hour (30 mins) after the exam time is finished. In case they are facing any further issues they need to contact the invigilators"

  55. I have just helped Preston Richard create a framework to help with submitting a complaint to make it go at lot faster. Don't just copy/paste it - personalise it to your situation.
    We basically collected common things from all the blogs and chats 😊
    If you submit it now, it gives them a chance to take it into account. They will always consider individual cases. Don't sit back and just hope for compensation to be applied to "all candidates" - they will be looking for formulas and options, but they can run into problems with the existing regulations.

  56. On the official e-EQE page:
    Message from the Examination Board (3 Mar 2021)
    The Examination Board of the EQE is aware of a situation that affected paper D1.1. The Examination Board guarantees that the marking process will be conducted so that no candidate will be disadvantaged because of that.

  57. 4 Mar 21: Not able to download and print exams before exam. Possible cause (2): on systems where the links have worked before, they may not appear before the exam as intended. Helpdesk: ".. participant’s computer has changed its external IP addresses from when they last refreshed the page in WISEflow (flow overview)". Refreshing only the flow page (where the download links are visible) is not enough. Solution (1) from helpdesk: Reload (Refresh in browser or CTRL F5) of flow overview page in WISEflow
    Solution (2) from participant (if (1) does not work): logout and back in to WISEflow