Saturday, July 1, 2017

Congratulations to all those who passed one or more EQE papers

The EPO has published the results for the EQE Main Exam 2017 here. Congratulations to all those who passed at least something - none of the papers are easy, especially when you take into account the stress.

The missing scores at 43, 44, 49, 50 are due to the extra check that is done - if you are just failing, everything you wrote is screened to see if you are "fit-to-practice". If so, extra points are awarded

Paper D
In particular, well-done to those who passed D - it was a difficult paper to get through to the end. The final passing rate is about the same as last year.

Paper C
Well-done passing C - the amount of documents and text you have to deal with always makes this sometime unpredictable.

Paper B
Together with A, this was the first year with the universal technologies. It looks like a success.

Paper A
This was expected to be quite difficult for some technical backgrounds. Of all the distributions, this is the most spread out. On A, the maximum number of points you can score is limited if you begin with a inferior solution - that may explain it to some extent.


  1. Thank you for the graphs.

  2. Do you perhaps know what the pass rate was for first time sitters / the candidates sitting all four papers?

  3. 487 wrote all four papers, 220 passed = 45,2%

  4. Thanks Anonymous for the numbers

  5. It is tricky to calculate the first-time sitter rate, but in the past it was usually about 10% higher than the average.

  6. I want to thank Pete for his invaluable help on the D paper during the Delta Patent D training course in Eindhoven in January. During the course Pete and I discussed the "D2 first" approach, given my legal background, and it worked perfectly.

    1. Thanks Robert for the feedback - I am very glad you passed:-)
      I often get experienced attorneys doing the D Paper - sometimes they are qualified in a different system (US, Japan,etc.). D2 requires no legal basis citation for full points, and is basically sorting out a client's portfolio problems, which is pretty universal. There will be a couple of EPC/PCT legal problems to deal with, but you can stay "on top" of the answers, avoiding getting dragged down into all the little details. D2 has 60 points available and you have about 3-3.5 hrs to do it.
      So if you build up the confidence before the exam (practice,analyse your answers, understand where points are awarded), you can start with D2 first. Then spend the remaining time doing 2-3 D1 questions you can do well.
      The Examination Committee doesn't care where you get the points - it is a single paper, so 40 points on D1 and 10 points on D2 is just as acceptable as 40 points on D2 and 10 on D1, or even 45 points on D2 and 5 on D1.
      People with the confidence and feeling for D2 can get 45 points.
      This will not work for everybody - a lot of candidates are more confident about D1, but to score well on D1 you need to know the EPC/PCT in great detail, and be able to find everything (including some legal basis) quickly.

    2. Dear Pete,

      Concerning "I often get experienced attorneys doing the D Paper - sometimes they are qualified in a different system (US, Japan,etc.)" - this is actually my case (I have a foreign patent license and LLM). I concentrated on DII, but did not get the expected points. What's worse, is that I cannot see where I lost so many points in the first question of DII. I plan to take delta-patents methodology course in Munich; but I would be grateful if you could recommend some further course, may be focused on DII.

      Thank you,


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