Monday, January 25, 2021

Don't forget to test e-EQE system (epi update)

  • Update 10 Feb 21: Ignacio Lobato Holtmann has created a Telegram group for fast exchange of eEQE questions, tips and info. He also proposes forming study groups for the next EQEs.
  • Mock2 was intended to test everything with a big load, so the flows will NOT be available later. 4 Feb & 5 Feb are the last chances to test YOUR system before the exam, so login as much as possible. If logging in late, use invigilator password is: xyz 
  • Updated 3 Feb 21: I have collected crash & restart issues here in a separate post
Updated 30 Jan 21 in purple.
Just received this urgent e-mail from the epi:

  • The EQE will take place from 1 to 5 March 2021.
  • As you know, the EQE will be held virtually this year. You must already connect to the e-EQE platform called Wiseflow, in order to anticipate and solve possible technical difficulties. For example, it will not be possible to use more than one computer screen during the EQE:
  • Please note that if candidates are not able to log on to the system correctly on the day of the exam, all the time and effort spent preparing for the exam may have been wasted!
  • Candidates can access and test the system as often as they want. The system is permanently available.
  • To give you the best possible chance of passing this exam, EQE secretariat together with epi offers to accompany you:
    • Mock 1: is intended for candidates to test their equipment and get acquainted with the examination environment. Candidates can access and test the system as often as they want. The system is permanently available only until February 28, 2021: to train on the e-EQE 'Wiseflow' exam access platform
    • Mock 2: is only accessible in the “Wiseflow” system from 2 to 5 February 2021, under simulated examination conditions (days and times). The papers and model solutions will be available for free on the epi-learning platform ( for all EQE candidates in the three official languages of the EPO after each Mock 2 examination paper.
    • Note: Mock 2 Pre-Exam available on 1 Feb 21 (not made by epi)
    • No registration needed! More information around the eEQE preparation is available here.
    • Note: You will need to record your e-EQE reference photo first in WISEflow, (from 29-01-21 14:00). Max. 1 hr after starting, so make sure camera etc. is all working first.
  • Candidates who wish to have more insights can register and book with epi a package (costs 60 EUR per paper for epi students, 80 EUR per paper for non epi students,).
  • The package includes:
    1. videos wherein epi tutors explain the model solution; the videos will be available on after each Mock 2 paper
    2. access to a forum at epi learning platform for questions around the Mock 2; available from 2 to 26 February 2021
    3. the possibility to attend live Q&A sessions with epi tutors (English only); from 8 to 18 February 2021
  • Registration for the epi package is available here.
  • Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the epi Education Team.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Sincères salutations

Education Team, epi - European Patent Institute, |

Tel: +49 89 242052-250 | Fax: +49 89 242052-220


  1. epi states that Mock2 will be available during the exact exam times, different to Mock1.
    I just sent an email asking for later access as well - as yet, I have not heard from anyone if it will be possible off-line.

    My advice is to at least experience the start of the exam - do the logging in, printing, etc.
    I am also not sure if they will do ID checking and remote invigilation. It would be invaluable to try this out as well.
    I will do this at least.

    1. Fernando Rey commented on LI:
      Hi Pete, there is the possibility for invigilators to also join and test the system. Some of us are planning to test the system then.

  2. Thanks! Do you know if we will be sent a further email for each exam (as we did for Mock 1) with links to the flows and candidate passwords? Or will the flows simply be automatically there once we log in next week, to be used with same password as Mock 1?

    1. Yes, you will get new flow (browser) passwords for each paper a few days before.

  3. Thanks Pete, do you know if there will be a Mock 2 for the pre-exam? The initial communications regarding Mock 2 suggested that there would be, but there is no information in the new EPI links regarding Mock 2 for the pre-exam. I'm confused if this means that there will be no Mock 2 for the pre-exam, or if it just means that there will be no EPI insight package for Mock 2 of the pre-exam.

    1. Now I see it - "2-5 Feb". On the EPO eEQE page it still says "1-5 Feb". I have no idea - I assumed that there would be a mock for Pre-Exam.
      I am also confused, sorry - what a mess!
      I have asked in a LI comment - maybe someone else knows.

  4. Yes, a pre-exam should be available on 1 February, but it was not prepared by epi.

  5. Before you can start Mock2, you will need to provide your ID and face reference pictures

    There will be a separate “Reference photo with ID/passport” flow available from 1400 29-01-21.

    After that, when you start the flow, you only need to take an "entry picture" of your face.

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for all the useful info! Do you know if there is a possibility to re-do the Reference photo flow? I started mine but my camera wasn't working, now the 1 hour has passed and I don't have a photo. It says in the flow that my paper hasn't been handed in, but I don't seem to be able to re-enter/re-do it.

    2. Hi Charlotte, you're welcome. I wonder if we are distant relatives :-).
      I saw online that WISEflow supports a "withdraw answer" option, but it does not appear to be enabled by the EPO (also not for the Mock1 papers).
      You will have to ask - hopefully, someone is monitoring in the weekend.
      I think they will have to reset it for you.

    3. Thanks for your reply! I have contacted the helpdesk, hopefully they will read my message and help fix the problem before Monday 10 am :-).
      I have inherited the Pollard name from my Irish dad who emigrated to Belgium in his twenties. So I am also a Dutch-speaking Pollard (now living in Sweden)!
      Your blog is a great source of information and I really appreciate all the effort you put into it!

    4. Small world!. I was told that my family in UK have Irish roots as well. There is even a Castlepollard in Ireland (Irish name Ballinagross), but I have never visited.
      I heard from someone else with a similar problem - they should really have a simple reset button.

    5. ... If you don't hear anything from them, try just starting the exam next week on schedule. There should be a way to resolve any problems on exam day as well, either through the Zendesk or in the software.

  6. I see that the user guide, tips etc have been updated as well, and they have clarified the room requirements in a new document. Covering windows is allowed.

    Great - another user name and password - now for zendesk!

    There is also a note in the FAQs about the legal texts. I am not sure you can open the pdf versions - it was possible in Mock1 to get to the same pages, but PDF's are blocked (no pdf viewer allowed). So you may be limited to the html versions.
    In Mock 1, you could also use the search at the top, allowing you to search through all html sources, including case law. I do not know if that will be blocked.
    There is also the advanced legal texts search (clickable in Mock 1) where you can specify exactly which documents you want to search in.
    Something to check during Mock2, but be careful of wasting a lot of time searching for something you are unsure of. You don't really have time to read.

  7. I was a few minutes late for logging in for D2, so I am blocked. I got screenshots from someone else (in German) and combined them with my screenshots for him in English. He got thrown out of D1 for "3 finger gestures", but his computer does not have a touchpad. Plenty of others kicked out for too many mouse movements or pressing Alt-Tab.

    Click here for a downloadable Mock2 D Paper (D1: EN, D2:DE)

    Positive note: they have improved D2 by sorting the information for each application - that makes it easier to find when looking back, and you dont have to flip backwards and forwards when trying to place the facts with the rest..

  8. I bought a wide angle webcam (Logitech C930e) which I hope will allow me to have larger working area around the screen. Will try it on C-mock2.

  9. Mock2 was intended to test everything with a big load, so the flows will NOT be available later. 4 Feb & 5 Feb are the last chances to test YOUR system before the exam, so login as much as possible. If logging in late, use invigilator password is: xyz