Monday, January 25, 2021

Russell IP EQE Webinars 2021 now available

This was a great initiative - Russell IP hosted almost 10 hours of free tutoring last week, primarily for candidates affected by the cancellation of  EQE 2020. From across Europe and further afield, almost 400 candidates attended the five webinars.

Recordings of the webinars, copies of the presentations, and several templates are now available on the Russell IP website (with kind permission from the tutors).

I add my thanks to everyone involved - it is not easy to find time to do this. But a little support makes a big difference to candidates in this challenging year!

Jointly initiated and coordinated by Iain Russell (Russell IP) & Guy Warner (Unilever). Tutors: Pre-Exam – Jonathan Hewett & Kathryn Rose (Venner Shipley LLP); A & B - Guy Warner (Unilever) & Iain Russell (Russell IP); C – Paul Beynon (Appleyard Lees IP LLP); D – Kirsty Simpson (Venner Shipley LLP) & Gemma Wooden (EIP).

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  1. Amazing, Thanks Russel IP for these webinars and Salted patents for the infor.